New Kicks

After work today I swung by Track Shack, a local running store, to pick up some new running shoes. 

Track Shack

My Mizuno Wave Riders have seen better days and have started to give me blisters, so I wanted to pick up some new kicks before I get too far into my half marathon training plan. 

I chatted with a sales guy for quite a while and he examined my old running shoes and told me that the blisters on my left foot were probably occurring because I don’t tie my shoes tight enough, and my foot was likely moving around too much when I ran. I literally slip my running shoes on and off and keep the laces very loose, so this made total sense to me. 

I wore Mizuno Wave Riders during my first half marathon and loved them. Once they were worn out (see below photo), I bought my current pair. 

My First "Real" Running Shoes

Now that my current shoes are biting the dust, I decided to stick with this (unattractive) shoe for a third time since it’s proven to be a good shoe in my past runs. 

My New Kicks

I felt like quite a goof running around the store testing out different shoes in my dress and sneakers, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do! 

I think I made the right choice in sticking with the shoes that have carried me through numerous runs since 2007, but this time around I’ll be sure to tie my laces a little tighter. 😉 Blisters be gone! 

Dog Park 

After my pit-stop at Track Shack, I headed home to meet up with Ryan and Sadie for a trip to the dog park! 

En Route to the Dog Park

Though it was more than 90 degrees outside, it felt surprisingly temperate at the park underneath the trees. There was also a nice breeze that kept us cool.  

Doggie Heaven

 Sadie had a blast playing fetch and sniffing up a storm. 

Sadie Smiles

Go, Go, Go

Happy Girl

Eventually our grumblin’ tummies told us it was time to head home for dinner. 


Tonight was a pasta kind of night! 

For some reason my body was craving doughy, carby pasta poofs and Monterey Pasta Company’s spinach and ricotta ravioli fit the bill perfectly. 

Since one serving of the ravioli is not enough to fill me up, I made sure to beef up the pasta with steamed broccoli for the sake of satiety. I suppose the added nutrition from the cruciferous veggie doesn’t hurt either. 😉 

Ravioli on a Bed of Broccoli

Ravioli + Broccoli

I topped my ravioli and broccoli bowl with marinara sauce and Parmesan cheese and dug in! 

Ready to Eat

Parmesan Cheese Makes Everything Better

Stirred Up

Tasty, tasty. 

Question of the Evening 

Of the following three pasta dishes, which is your favorite: ravioli, lasagna or simple noodles with sauce?  

I was gonna answer this question myself but I just can’t. I love them all.