A Poopy Post

Ever wonder where pumpkin pie comes from?

The Creation of Pumpkin Pie

My aunt sent that picture to me in an email yesterday and I just had to share! Who knew pumpkin turds were so tasty?

This reminds me of other poop-related holiday humor. Have you ever been the recipient of a bag of snowman poop?

(Picture from Crafts.PeteandKerry.com)

Or reindeer poop?

(Picture from HomeStyleDivas.com)

Or perhaps pumpkin poop?

(Picture from Crafts.PeteandKerry.com)

Who knew potty humor could enhance the holiday spirit?


The bagel sandwich I ate for lunch today is one of my favorite ways to enjoy Thanksgiving leftovers.

You only need four ingredients, two of which are Thanksgiving staples:

  • Turkey
  • Cranberry Sauce/ Relish
  • Cream Cheese
  • Bread

I spread the cream cheese on top of my sweet wheat Alternative Bagel before adding several spoonfuls of the cranberry relish I made last week on top of the creamy spread.

Sweet Wheat Bagel with Cranberry Relish and Cream Cheese

I then placed several slices of Boar’s Head lower sodium turkey on the bagel sandwich and dug in!

With the Turkey!


My Lunch

This sandwich helped me further realize just how much I can’t wait for Thanksgiving to come! I’ve been anxiously awaiting this holiday for a while and now my taste buds are just as excited.

What’s your favorite way to enjoy Thanksgiving leftovers?