Old Standby

Lunch today was the old standby: a ham ‘n’ swiss sandwich.

Ham + Swiss Bagelwich

Thursday's Lunch

I melted a slice of Alpine Lace Swiss cheese on a whole wheat Thomas’ bagel thin before adding honey roasted ham and romaine lettuce to the mix.

Open-Faced Sandwich

On the side I enjoyed beets and carrot sticks. An odd combination, I’ll admit, but it was tasty!

Beets & Carrots

Tomorrow’s Lunch Plans

Tomorrow I’m hoping to meet up with Ryan for a hot lunch date.

We’re debating between the following lunch hot-spots:

Where should we go?

Right now I’m really craving Chipotle… but that restaurant is the farthest from my work. It may be a game time decision. Feel free to weigh in and offer menu suggestions!

Feeling Poofy

I woke up this morning feeling poofy.


I blame the numerous bowls of ice cream I ate over the weekend and the goodies I consumed yesterday at my friends’ Super Bowl party. All were delicious, but I am ready to introduce vegetables back into my life. 😉

What are your favorite Super Bowl party eats?

Yesterday I enjoyed lots of Parmesan cheese artichoke dip and the cream cheese apple dip that I brought to the party.

Cream Cheese Apple Dip

Cream Cheese Apple Dip


  • 8 oz. light cream cheese
  • 8 oz. fat free cream cheese
  • 3/4 c. brown sugar
  • 2 tsp. vanilla
  • Peanuts (honey roasted work well)


Blend all ingredients together in a food processor until combined, but small chunks of peanut remain.

This dip is so easy and a nice alternative to the typical chips and dip appetizer fare. Yum!


My body is cravin’ some nutritious food!

I started off the morning with a yummy breakfast bagelwich.

I melted a big slice of Swiss cheese on one half of a Thomas’ Bagel Thin and topped the other with Canadian bacon.

Swiss Cheese + Canadian Bacon Bagelwich

I bought a pack of Thomas’ whole wheat bagel thins at the grocery store yesterday. I had never seen them before and they caught my eye. I really enjoyed my bagelwich on the bagel thin, but if I was really craving a bagel, I think the thin version would have come up a lil’ short.

Fortunately I typically use bagels in breakfast sandwiches and have never really been a bagel and cream cheese kind of girl, so the bagel thins suit me perfectly.

I also sipped on a hot mug of sugar cookie tea.

Monday's Breakfast

My belly is warm. 🙂

Opossum Question

Last night on the way to our friends’ Super Bowl party, a little opossum was trying to cross the street. It was moving really slowly and hobbling a bit. The back, right leg of the opossum was injured, though it wasn’t bleeding.  I slowed down and Ryan got out to help the lil’ guy over the curb. He clearly was hurt and both of us felt a little helpless since he wasn’t in an area near a field or anything.

When we were driving home from the party, we saw him trying to cross the street again. Someone else was helping him along this time. It was really hard for us to drive away thinking that he might attempt to cross the street yet again.

Is there a place where you can take injured animals that many consider “pests” like raccoons or opossums?

Ryan and I both wanted to take the little guy to get some medical help, but didn’t know where we could take an injured opossum. Any insight is appreciated! 🙂

Frog in Sadie’s Throat

Last night Ryan discovered a little lump in Sadie’s throat. 😦

I’m hoping it’s just a lil’ frog or something completely harmless.

Chillin' in a Throat

Fortunately I was able to make an appointment to take Sadie to our vet later this afternoon to have it checked out. All the research I’ve done on the internet has met a little freaked out…

I am 100 percent guilty of using the internet to find information on just about anything.

Do you use the internet to find important information?

Naturally, I try to use reliable sources (Wikipedia is not a reliable source…) and have found a lot of valuable information. Unfortunately when it comes to medical inquiries, I sometimes come across information that makes me nervous… Like the time I researched what a cancerous lump feels like in the breast after I felt my mom’s lump. All my findings indicated that her lump was breast cancer and it ended up being the real deal. Though it scared me, it helped prepare me for the news that followed.

I hope my little Sadie girl is okay! The good news is that she is acting completely normal… totally crazy. 😉 Our morning walk was more of a morning “jump all over the place with a stick in your mouth” stroll.

Workout + Breakfast

Today I skipped BodyPump because I think the new release is garbage in favor of doing my own total-body weights routine. It felt good to change it up a bit!

Before my weight routine I did 30 minutes of light cardio on the elliptical, mainly because I wanted to read US Weekly. 😉

I wanted cheese for breakfast like nobody’s business!

Cheese Puh-Lease

Today I made a Swiss cheese and egg white breakfast sandwich using 1.5 slices of cheese (the other 1/2 slice went into my mouth before it made it on the sandwich).

Cheese + Egg Whites

Ooey Gooey

It was so good and I give the Swiss cheese all the credit.

Apple + Swiss Sandwich

I love Swiss cheese, but I rarely buy it. Why is this!? I eat the Laughing Cow Swiss cheese wedges regularly, but they’re not the same as a slice of the good stuff.

What’s something you love, but rarely buy?

I’m the same way with brie cheese… Love it, but rarely buy it. I gotta change this.

Last night I picked up a pack of sliced Swiss cheese and was excited to incorporate a slice into my lunch today.

I made myself an apple and Swiss cheese sandwich on a whole wheat Arnold sandwich thin.

Open-Faced Apple 'n' Swiss Sandwich

I first melted cheese on the sandwich thin in the toaster oven before adding the apple slices, and letting the sandwich warm in the oven for a little longer.

Wednesday's Lunch

The result was a nice alternative to your every day grilled cheese sandwich. Tasty, tasty!

Fruit and cheese has to be one of my favorite food combos… it’s almost as good as peanut butter and chocolate. Okay, not really, but it is quite tasty!