Crock Pot Chicken Tacos

After such a successful slow cooker meal last night, we decided to keep the ol’ crocker out for tonight’s dinner.

Ryan and I had a fiesta for dos tonight and enjoyed crock pot chicken tacos. Another easy-peasy recipe that only requires two ingredients (not counting water):

  • One pound ground chicken
  • One packet taco seasoning

The Goods


Place the chicken in the crock pot and top with seasoning packet and 2/3 cup of water. Stir and fork through the chicken so it’s not sitting in the pot in one big clump.

Let it cook on low for six to eight hours. The chicken will form into one big chicken patty, but that’s okay! Just use a fork to mash it up.

Taco Chicken

We enjoyed our chicken in tacos with lettuce, tomato, and salsa. I prefer hard shells while Ryan likes his soft.

The Spread

Taco, Taco

Maybe Ryan likes the tortilla-style tacos because he’s such a softie. Okay, that’s a lie. The man does not cry. Ever.

As Monica from Friends would say, he’s like Chandler and has no soul. 😉

"You're Dead Inside!"

As I type this, I realize this is a reflection on my lack-of-soul as well, seeing as how we’re getting married and are supposed to be soul mates. Ah well. I love ya, Baby! 🙂

After I’m done posting for the night we’re off to cuddle with Miss Sadie-dog and not-cry together.

Sadie does enough crying and whining for the both of us. I remember a magnet I used to see on the fridge of my friend’s parents when I was growing up. It read: “Would you like some cheese with that whine?” This would suit Sadie perfectly.

Are you a crier? Is your significant other a crier?

Key Lime Cupcake

Before I sign off for the night I wanted to leave you with a delicious picture of tonight’s dessert.

Key Lime Cupcake

I bought this cupcake from Sweet!, a cute cupcake and frozen yogurt shop, as a surprise treat for Ryan since I know it’s his favorite flavor. 

The icing is creamy and even has specs of vanilla bean in it! Wow-zaa! The cupcake itself has a creamy key lime filling. At the bottom of the cupcake is a sugary graham cracker “crust.” Oh-so-good!  

G’night BlogWorld! See ya in the mornin’! 🙂