Shake That Laffy Taffy

Office Shenanigans

After my boss’ daughter handed out lots of Halloween goodies, everyone around the office enjoyed swapping corny jokes, courtesy of the Laffy Taffy wrappers.


(Picture from

Here are a few I remember:

Why did the tomato blush? Because he saw the salad dressing!

What do you call a lazy baby kangaroo? A pouch potato!

Why did the stadium get hot after the football game? Because all the fans left!

The tomato one was definitely my favorite. 🙂

Feel free to share your favorite corny joke!

Are You My Mother?

I’m so happy to have Ryan back! As happy as I am, I think Sadie may show her happiness with a little more crazy and obsessive behavior enthusiasm than I can muster up, considering I wouldn’t want to body slam Ryan every five minutes to show my love.

I know she missed her doggie dad because on our walks throughout the week, whenever we’d pass a guy about Ryan’s height (6’2”), Sadie would pause and her tail would start wagging uncontrollably. From a distance she was clearly thinking “Are you my daddy?”

She reminded me of the little bird in the children’s book “Are You My Mother?”


(Picture from


Our lil’ pup is clearly happy to have her family back together again.

Just wait until she gets to see Grandmama and Mister Bob tomorrow! (Grandmama is my mom and Uncle Bob is my dad… he refuses to be a grandpa. I wonder if my future children will also have to refer to him as Mister Bob?)


After enjoying chocolate candy at work today, my craving for anything chocolate was in full swing. I decided not to ignore my desires and fixed myself a chocolate cheesecake bowl for dinn-ah!

I blended 1 cup of cottage cheese with a splash of Almond Breeze almond milk and a serving of Jello chocolate fudge sugar-free pudding powder.





Sugar-Free Jello Pudding Mix

I used an imersion blender to make the mixture nice and smooth (and thick!) before topping it with Quaker chocolate granola bites.


Quaker Granola Bites

cottage cheese

Chocolate Delight

Sometimes you just gotta listen to your body. Tonight my body was saying “Veggies, no! Chocolate, yes!