Toasty, Nutty Breakfast

Yesterday’s adventure to the dog park was lots of fun.

"Play with Me!"

The weather was perfect and Sadie had a blast!

Ryan and I met our friend Dru at the park.

Dru and Ryan

Dru brought his roommate’s dog Khari along to play. Khari is such a sweetheart. Her energy level is the exact opposite of Sadie’s. Sadie is a non-stop kind of dog. Khari… not so much. Dru had to chase after her to get her to run.

Run Khari, Run!

If you have a pet, are they lazy or a go-go-go kinda animal?

I think you know which category Sadie falls into. 😉

Both dogs enjoyed lots of trail walking and play time in the lake.

Walkin' the Trails

Water Dog

Shake Your Booty!

After saying goodbye to Dru and Khari, Ryan and I were hungry, but didn’t feel like going to the grocery store. Since the food at our apartment was not sounding good (nor was there much of it), we decided to stop at Subway for dinner.

I ordered a black forest ham salad with lots of veggies.

Subway Salad

For dessert I blended two pretty large bananas in the food processor to make myself a big ol’ bowl of banana soft serve.

Banana Soft Serve

This stuff is so dang delicious!

Ryan and I hit the sack early last night. We were both really sleepy and got nine solid hours of sleep. Sch-weet!


This morning we woke up and went to the gym. I did BodyPump, but skipped my normal cardio routine to go on a long walk with Ryan and Sadie. It was a little chilly outside, but no where near as cold as last week. Thank goodness!

Breakfast this morning included almonds that I toasted yesterday. I bought a big bag of raw almonds a while ago, but I really do prefer toasted nuts. Yesterday I toasted pecans and almonds to enjoy throughout the week.

Toasty Nuts

This morning I sprinkled toasted almonds on top of my Greek yogurt, along with a gingersnap cookie and chocolate chips.

All Topped Off

Creamy 'n' Crunchy

The gingersnap cookie was the highlight of this yogurt concoction.

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

A Scrappy Lunch

Two things made my lunch quite scrappy today:

1. I used leftover rotisserie chicken scraps in my salad

2. I scrappily went to Subway to get a packet of salad dressing when I realized I forgot mine at home

Scrappy Salad

Scrappy Salad

The kind Subway sandwich artist happily handed over the pack of Italian salad dressing for free which made my day a little brighter. 🙂

Fat Free Italian Salad Dressing... For Free!

Fat Free Italian Salad Dressing... For Free!

I made my salad on a bead of broccoli slaw which I typically use instead of lettuce because it not only lasts longer, but also provides more nutrients than typical iceberg or romaine lettuce.

My Lunch

My Lunch

I topped the broccoli slaw with sliced zucchini, shreds of leftover rotisserie chicken, chopped plum tomato and cold previously steamed broccoli florets.

Lots of Veggies!

Lots of Veggies!

After pouring the packet of Italian dressing on the salad and shakin’ it up, I was ready to eat!

Ready for My Belly

Ready for My Belly

My tummy is on veggie overload at the moment… 😉