Laughter is the Best Medicine

You know what they say? Laughter is the best medicine.

Nothing feels better than laughing until your abs are sore!

During last night’s performance by Sinbad, my family and I did just that.


Before heading to Hard Rock Live to see Sinbad’s stand up comedy routine, Ryan and I met up with my family at Emeril’s Orlando located in Universal’s City Walk.

Ryan 'n' Me

Since Emeril’s is a pretty pricey restaurant, my family and I ate dinner before meeting there and just ordered dessert (which is the best part of the meal anyway, right?).

The entire evening was organized by my mom, sister and I as a birthday present for my dad, so of course we had to have the restaurant staff sing happy birthday to the big guy! 😉

Birthday Boy

He was more than a little surprised. 😀

Ryan and my dad both ordered appetizers, and my mom, sister and I had a few bites and also enjoyed some  freshly baked corn and French bread before ordering our desserts.

For dessert we selected the strawberry shortcake and two slices of the banana cream pie, since Ryan and I loved it so much the last time we visited Emeril’s back in May.

Emeril's Strawberry Shortcake

Banana Cream Pit x 2

Check out those chocolate shavings!

I think it’s safe to say that between the five of us, we demolished these desserts!

Though I loved the banana cream pie in the past, strawberry shortcake took the cake (pun! 😉 ) for me. I’m a sucker for cold, creamy strawberry gelato, fluffy puff pastry and a plethora of whipped cream. Sign me up!

Once dessert was devoured, we walked to Hard Rock Live to head inside and laugh our little booties off all evening.

Me & Dad Outside Hardrock Live

The Ladies

We were really lucky to have amazing seats in the second row, so we actually made eye contact with Sinbad and were able to see his expressions and mannerisms.

He had the whole crowd cracking up as he talked about the insanity of amusement parks, the differences between men and women and his upbringing.

Stand up comedy is a wonderful way to sit back, relax and laugh until you cry! What an awesome night!


My sister spent the night with us last night, so once she wakes up this morning we have plans to head to church after breakfast.

Also on the agenda:

  • Church
  • Dog park
  • Outlet mall (?)
  • Selecting the tuxes or suits Ryan and his groomsman will wear for our wedding
  • Registering at Bed Bath and Beyond (?)

Time to get crackin’ in the kitchen! Lata! 😀

Country Music, I Love You

I’ve tried to fight it for years… That country twang, those hokey lyrics…

Well, I just can’t fight it anymore! I flippin’ LOVE country music.


I don’t know when it happened… or if it’s always something I’ve secretly loved. My parents would listen to country music in the heart of suburban Illinois, where no one listened to country.

How about you? Are you a country music lover or a country music hater?

Country music was the music everyone hated in high school. I don’t think there even was a country music station in my town growing up!

As I was running at the gym this morning, it hit me that nearly every third song that came up on my iPod was a country song.

There’s something sweet and innocent about so many country music songs (Honky Tonk Badonkadonk, excluded). I love that so many country songs highlight the simple things in life that truly make life wonderful like ice cold lemonade, BBQs, sitting on your front porch and your family on a sleepy Sunday morning.

What are some simple things that make you happy?

If I were to write a country music song, a couple simple things I’d highlight would be:

  • The way your dog will bring you every single toy out of their toy basket until you play with them
  • The way it feels to get a real bear hug from a loved one
  • The feeling of being truly “at home” when you sit down to your mother’s home cookin’

Strawberry Shortcake Breakfast

Today’s breakfast was quite a treat!

I enjoyed a hot bowl of strawberry shortcake oats.

Strawberry Shortcake Oats

My mix included:

Thursday's Breakfast

This mix was sweet, warm and filling!


Today’s workout was a hodge podge of different cardio machines, but it made me sweat!

  • 25 min. run (6.5 pace, 1.0 incline)
  • 5 min. incline walking (4.2 pace, 7.5 incline)
  • 10 min. stair master
  • 10 min. elliptical

I actually didn’t want to get off the elliptical because I was really into the latest issue of Real Simple magazine. The recipes in this month’s issue look phenomenal.

Speaking of recipes…

Reader’s Recipes

Thanks for all the delicious lookin’ recipes you guys submitted last night!

If you still want to submit a recipe for me to make next week, be sure to comment on this post. I’ll let you know the recipe I select tonight. I’m going to recruit Ryan to help me pick a good one! 😀