Who Wears Short Shorts?

Not me.

I seriously hate the way I look in shorts. I avoid shorts like the plague and only make an exception for running shorts because it’s too hot to wear anything else while running outside in Florida.

I always evnvied the girls who would prance around in itty bitty shorts and look so cute and carefree. Daisy Dukes? Ummm, no thanks.

Last week while chatting with Meghann over dinner, I mentioned my aversion to shorts. She said she loves shorts and wears them all the time. I instantly felt envious and thought about the three pairs of shorts I bought last summer with my mom and sister in an attempt to triumph over my hatred for the silly half-pants.

This morning, I dug a simple pair of brown J.Crew shorts out of the back of my closet and slipped them on. My first thought? “Ugh, these are terrible.”

My second thought? “Get over yourself. They’re fine.”

Ahhh! Shorts! Run for Cover!

I hated the negative thoughts that ran through my head when I put these shorts on. (I even look a little stressed in the above picture!)

Sure, I could easily toss the shorts aside and put on some jeans or a skirt and feel more confident, but I am determined to wear these shorts with pride today. My appearance and how I look in shorts does not define me.

There are some days when no matter what we put on, we feel unattractive. I think that we should get a free pass to wear sweatpants to work on those days. “Sorry boss, feelin’ a little bloated today. Hope you understand.” 😉

I think everyone has some kind of clothing or trend they avoid because they just don’t feel right in it. I think that’s completely okay and totally normal, but I also think most of the negative thoughts are in our own heads. Today I am determined to overcome my negative thoughts about how I look in shorts.

Is there a trend or certain type of clothing you avoid? Is there something you used to avoid wearing but have now made peace with and will wear again?

Though shorts are something I steer clear from wearing most days, you will never catch me in high-wasted pants. I tried them on at Express once and had an instant granny booty (You know, the booty that appears to go on for daaaays? Not cute.).


Enough of the shortie shorts talk and on to brefkist (as a kid I used to babysit for would say).

Chococlate PB + Apples + Yogurt

Today’s morning meal featured a cup of Greek yogurt topped with a fresh chunks of apple and a dollop (<– love that word) of chocolate PB2.

Thursday (Oh My Gosh, It's Already Thursday!) Breakfast

Sweet, Salty, Crunchy, Smooth

Stirred, Not Shaken

This combo was tasty!

Shockingly enough, I do not like peanut butter stirred into my Greek yogurt (blasphemy, I know), but the chocolate PB2 was a whole nother story!



Ooooh yoga, why did I hate you for so long?

In just one short month, I went from yoga hater to yoga craver. So weird, but so lovely. Now that I make sure to pay attention to my body and do the poses as they feel right for me, I find yoga challenging, soothing and relaxing. I leave a class feeling like my body is grateful for what I just put it through.


This morning my workout included a yoga class (the most challenging one I’ve taken to date), as well as 10 minutes on the stair master and 20 minutes on the elliptical with the latest issue of Shape magazine.

Special Day

Today is a special day for someone in my family! Stay tuned for a birthday shout out at lunch time… 🙂