The Smell of Citrus

Is there a smell more refreshing than the smell of fresh citrus?

I don’t think so! All weekend, I was enjoying clementines at my parents’ house and I snagged a few to bring back to Orlando to enjoy throughout the week.


Living in Florida has its perks! Fresh and deliciously juicy fruit is definitely one of ’em.

The clementine was a tasty addition to my breakfast of Greek yogurt topped with Kay’s Naturals golden butter pretzels and a big mug of hot Yogi goji berry green tea.

All Peeled Up

Yogurt Topped with Pretzels

I ate most of the bag of pretzels before shaking the remains on top of my yogurt. These pretzels are very tasty! At first bite they are kind of strange, but by the third bite I was loving them!

Kay's Naturals Pretzels

The nutrition facts on the pretzels are awesome, especially since normal pretzels pretty much have nothing to offer from a nutritional standpoint. These pretzels had 10 grams of protein and two grams of fiber in a serving. Niiice.

Monday's Breakfast

That big mug of tea made my belly hot and full. That’s a lot of liquid!


Today’s workout was a good one. Since my weekends are often pretty relaxed from an exercise standpoint, I enjoy a good sweat session on Monday mornings. Today I went to BodyPump and did 25 minutes of cardio afterward (10 minute run, 5 minutes incline walking, 10 minutes elliptical).

Santa in a Speedo

I took Sadie on her morning walk after my workout. It is so foggy in Orlando today! I think the visibility on our walk was less than a quarter of a mile. Apparently the whole “It’s hot! It’s cold! It’s hot! It”s cold! ” thing has the weather freaking out. It’s supposed to reach 84 degrees in Orlando today. Santa nay have to deliver presents in a Speedo.

After I wrote that comment about the Speedo, I did a search for Santa in a Speedo and apparently there are tons of Santa  Speedo-themed runnning races all over the nation!

Check out these photos:

Santa Speedo Run

Keepin' Warm

They totally need to do one of these in Orlando. It’s actually warm here! 😀

Have you ever dressed up to run a race? What’s the funniest race costume you’ve ever seen?

When I ran in a Turkey Trot over Thanksgiving last year, I ran by a woman in a full turkey headdress. She had a horn she would honk that made the turkey gobbler sound. It was awesome!