Salsa Chicken + Curried Cauliflower

Who says you can’t cross cultures when creating a delicious dinner?

Tonight’s dinner featured the flavors of Mexico and the flavors of India.

What can I say? I’m an equal opportunity eater. 😉

The Mexican portion of my meal included salsa chicken, which I prepared by placing two chicken breasts and half a jar of salsa in the crock pot and let it cook on low while I was at work (6 – 8 hours).

When I arrived home, I removed the chicken from the salsa and pulled the moist meat apart using two forks.

curried cauliflower 029

curried cauliflower 032

The flavors of India debuted on my plate in the form of curried cauliflower, which I enjoyed along with the salsa chicken.

curried cauliflower 034

To make the cauliflower, I tossed approximately two cups of chopped cauliflower florets with a bit of olive oil, salt, pepper and curry powder, before roasting the vegetable at 475 for 15 minutes, flipping the florets halfway through.

curried cauliflower 027

Curry is definitely growing on me…

I gotta get goin’ because Ryan needs the computer tonight to complete his fantasy football draft this evening.

His team name?

Goose Lives


Goose, you big stuuuuuud!

Any other Top Gun fans out there?

Hiiiighway to the Danger Zone!