Raspberry Ricotta Waffle Sandwich

Ever since I made ricotta stuffed French toast a couple weeks ago, I’ve enjoyed incorporating it into my breakfasts in different ways. Today’s ricotta-based breakfast was a winner!

I started by toasting two whole grain waffles. While the waffles were toasting, I mixed frozen raspberries that I let thaw overnight with ricotta cheese to make a creamy, raspberry filling.

Raspberries + Ricotta

Pretty 'n' Pink

After spreading the raspberry ricotta mixture on one of the waffles, and topping it off with the second waffle, I topped the waffle sandwich with syrup and dug on in!

Open-Faced Waffle Sandwich

Smothered in Syrup

Yum, Yum

This breakfast was easier to make than a batch of oatmeal and yet seemed like the kind of breakfast I’d normally save for the weekend. I love special weekday breakfasts!


Today’s workout was a cardio hodgepodge!

  • 15 min. stair master
  • 15 min. run
  • 5 min. incline walking (7.5 incline, 4.2 pace)
  • 5 min. stair master
  • 10 min. elliptical

I was hoppin’ from machine to machine like it was my job!

Eye Spy

Last night when I was photographing our dinner, Ryan asked me if I always look through the camera lens with my left eye.

Though I’m right-handed, I’ve always looked through a camera with my left eye. Weird, huh?

I Spy Book (These were the best!)

I Spy Book (These were the best!!!)

We then realized that cameras are made for right-handed people. The button you press to take a picture is on the right side of the camera. What about the poor lefties out there???

Are you right handed or left handed? Have you noticed any other products catered to righties or lefties?

A Big Purchase

I did it. I purchased the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought for myself.

Well, it’s the most money I’ve spent outside of my Invisalign treatment and the time I contributed money (along with my dad) for the purchase of my car… or the time I paid for car repairs following an accident or two.

I consider car purchases/repairs a necessary expense, but what I bought today was purely for fun.

I bought… drum roll please… my first digital SLR camera.

Nikon D3000

This beautiful baby is a Nikon D3000, and I found it for a reasonable price on Amazon.com (+ no tax + free shipping!) and am excited to take picture after picture with my new toy.

Ever since Ryan’s mom let me borrow her SLR camera before Christmas I’ve been pining for my own. The image quality from my point and shoot camera from my college days just isn’t cutting it.

When I returned the amazing borrowed SLR camera to Ryan’s mom after more than a month of use (have you noticed my pictures have returned to less-than-stellar status?) , I felt an ache and longing for a wonderful camera of my own.

I shopped around, did some research and compared pricing and finally settled on this model. I hope to have it within a week! Yippee!!!

I must admit I feel a little anxious about making such a big purchase.

Are you a spender or a saver?

I am a “saver” by nature and get an antsy feeling if I spend more than $40 at any given store (yes, even my beloved grocery store).

Buying something this expensive is a big deal but I know it is something I will use daily (gotta keep the blog lookin’ pretty) and a nice camera will be wonderful throughout the wedding planning process and on our honeymoon. Heck, I hope it’s around to snap some pretty pictures of lil’ babies one day! Until then, Sadie will be my muse. 😉

What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever purchased for yourself?

As for dinner, I didn’t eat dinner tonight because I’m broke and can no longer afford food.

Kidding! 😉

Dinner was an economical meal though. Ryan and I enjoyed a big ol’ helping of Monterey Pasta Company’s spinach and ricotta ravioli with marinara sauce, Parmesan cheese, portobello mushrooms, onion and broccoli.

Ravioli Bowl

All Stirred Up

Gahhh, I’m full!

Off to watch the last two episodes of Gossip Girl season two (with Ryan – shhh!) and dream about my new camera! Enjoy your evening, friends!