Parmesan Cheese Puh-lease!

Do you ever create your dinner around one ingredient? I do this all the time. Often a teeny ingredient will inspire my entire dinner.

Tonight that ingredient was Parmesan cheese.


Parmesan Cheese Please!

I’m not sure what spawned this random craving for Parmesan cheese, but I’m blaming the fact that I forgot to put any cheese on my pasta last night. That’s just not like me and it’s been eating away at my soul ever since.

Clearly, I had to make up for it tonight.

I cooked up come Carba Nada egg fettuccine noodles (I’m tellin’ ya, they never get old) and topped them with sauteed spinach, acorn squash, portobello mushrooms and LOTS and LOTS of Parmesan cheese.


Portobello Mushroomies

veggies on pasta

Veggie Topped Pasta

parm on veggies

Parmesan Mountain

Perfect. It hit the spot. The cheese spot, that is… which is almost as big as my sweet spot which controls my cravings for baked goods. It’s huge. Trust me.

parm pasta

All Stirred Up


Engaged Girl Experience

I had quite the weird engaged-girl experience today. As I was driving home from work, the song “Amazed” by Lonestar came on the radio (you know the one that starts “Everytime our eyes meet, this feeling inside me, is almost more than I can take”). I’ve heard this song a ba-zillion times, but this time the words really stuck out to me and I got all teary! Who does that!? I swear, country music just gets to me!

I walked in the door ready to give my hubby-to-be a big emotional hug only to find him playing indoor soccer with the dog. I sure do love those two! 🙂

Now I’m off to do a two loads of laundry and pack for St. Pete this weekend. Ryan and I are once again headed to my parent’s house. We’re checking out some more potential wedding venues and meeting with a photographer. Also, I have my very first appointment at a bridal boutique on Saturday… Eeeee! My mom and sister are coming with me for my first attempt at trying on wedding dresses. Exciting stuff!

Enjoy the rest of your Friday Eve! 🙂

Reebok EasyTone

Have you heard the latest commotion surrounding Reebok’s EasyTone sneakers? Apparently these bad boys help tone & tighten your tooshie and legs just by walking. Believe it? Me neither. 😉


(Picture from

I wrote my Examiner article on the shoes today which includes a link to the scandalous advertisement of the shoes that’s gettin’ lots of publicity right now. Click here to see the article and ad.

Have you ever purchased any weight loss or fitness gimmicks?

Rue La La

Remember when I posted about “boutique sites” that offer awesome discounts on designer clothes? Well I received and email from Rue La La today stating that anyone who signs up automatically gets a $10 credit toward their first purchase.

rue la la

Don't you feel like this sometimes when you can't find anything to wear?

Not a bad gig, huh? This will basically eliminate the cost of shipping on your order. Woohoo! Click here to get the credit and browse the site.