Looking Back: My 24th Year

In my new-found old age, I think I’m becoming one smart food-combo  cookie, because this lunch was totally random and basically the jam!!!

I present to you, the ravioli sandwich!

Ravioli Sandwich

I made the sandwich by topping a toasted Arnold whole wheat sandwich thin with Laughing Cow light original Swiss cheese, spinach and two large ravioli poofs, which were leftover from last night’s dinner.

Laughing Cow

Ravioli Sandwich and Steamed Broccoli

On the side I also ate steamed broccoli, sprinkled with garlic salt, for some added nutrients.


For dessert, I had a small bowl of butterscotch chips and roasted peanuts.

Butterscotch Chips + Roasted Peanuts

Ryan and I also enjoyed this little combination after dinner last night. Ryan said it tastes like a peanut butter bar. It’s a winner!

Looking Back

I wanted to take a little trip down memory lane of my 24th year through pictures. I love birthdays but also always feel a little sad that another year is gone, so looking back over the fun times of the past year of my life helps make me smile!

I hope you enjoy this little flashback!

The Day After Our Engagement

My Mom, Me & My Sister Before Wicked

Celebrating My Friend Laurel's Birthday

On the Yellowbird (aka a Booze Cruise)

Before the UCF Bowl Game

With My Cousins, Celebrating My Grandma's 80th Birthday

'80s Formal Night on a Cruise with Our Friends

Boating with My Family, Ryan & Sadie

Me & My Dad, The Night of Our Engagement

With Ryan and Sadie After Sadie Won the Doggie Derby

Celebrating Sadie's Doggie Derby Win Downtown

Surprised By Our Families After Ryan's Proposal

Visiting High School Friends in Arizona

With My Sister at Her Sorority's Family Weekend

How does your birthday make you feel? Excited? Happy? Sad? A mix of emotions?