What I’ve Been Waiting For

The minute my butt hit the lounge chair by the pool this afternoon, I proclaimed, “This is what I’ve been waiting for all week.”

Pool Time!

There’s something about kicking back by the pool with a magazine (or five) that just relaxes me. I love taking time to simply do nothing and just be. It feels pretty good. 🙂

Pool Buddies

It was really hot outside and Ryan and I both took several dips in the pool to cool off. Splish, splash!

After soakin’ up some sun, we came home to scoop up Sadie to head out to get her some dog food.

On the way home we made a little detour to McDonald’s to pick up a medium strawberry shake to share. I didn’t have my camera with me, so it went unphotographed, but it was oh-so-tasty.


Before splitting the strawberry shake with Ryan, I assumed I’d be making myself a large smoothie for lunch. After the shake, however, I knew a smoothie wouldn’t taste quite as tasty. For me, a smoothie just doesn’t compare to a rich, indulgent milkshake.

Instead I got to work making a big bowl of basil-flavored pasta with steamed cauliflower and fresh spinach.

I topped the noodles and veggies with Ragu marinara meat sauce and Parmesan cheese, stirred it all up and dug in.

Noodles on a Bed of Veggies


Stirred Up

It is now time for a much-needed shower.

Nine-mile run + Pool time = One gross girl 

I gotta get pretty for date night tonight! Ryan and I have plans to go to my faaavorite restaurant for dinner. 🙂