Georgia Glazed Pecans

My fiancè knows me so well.

He brought be back a lil’ present from his hiking trip and of course it was food-related.

When he was driving through Georgia, he picked up a pack of Georgia glazed pecans. Pecans are my favorite nut and when they’re coated in sugar or cinnamon or anything sweet, they’re all the more delicious.

Naturally I incorporated my present into my morning breakfast.

Pecans + Waffle

I surrounded a toasted Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain whole wheat waffle with the glazed pecans and topped it with a mixture of ricotta cheese, honey and cinnamon before dusting the plate with nutmeg.

Close Up

Monday Morning Breakfast

On the side I nibbled on a small handful of Planters nuts, seeds and raisins trail mix that was leftover from Ryan’s hiking trip this weekend.

Trail Mix

I forgot how yummy sunflower seeds are. When I was younger, I used to love sucking on the salty shells of sunflower seeds before breaking them open.


Today’s workout felt awesome.

It’s weird how two days off from the gym can rejuvenate me significantly more than a single day off sometimes. Other times two days off can put me into lazy-girl mode and make my workout totally drag when I get back in the gym.

Fortunately today the two days off left me feeling well rested and ready for a good workout.

I started my workout with a BodyPump class and finished it up with 25 minutes of light cardio on the elliptical with two issues of OK! magazine.

I never struggle to read a magazine while using the elliptical but I cannot read anything when I’m on the treadmill… even if I am walking!

Do you read magazines or books while working out?

I read if I am doing a cardio machine like the elliptical or arc trainer since I am more stable and not bouncing around like I do on the treadmill. I usually save magazines for easier cardio sessions, like those I do after weights. If I’m setting out to get an awesome workout, I leave the magazines at home.

Dear Planters,

Dear Planters,

Kindly include more than two pecans in your big jar of mixed nuts. Some of us out there adore pecans and were persuaded to purchase your jar of mixed nuts after seeing a picture of a pecan on the front of the packaging.

(Silly me to think this meant there would be a plethora of pecans throughout your jar of peanuts and almonds mixed nuts.)



Pecan Lover

Actual Photo

Note the Pecan

In Other News…

I am now on TWITTER! Exciting stuff, huh!? Click here to follow me. 😀

Maybe you’ll be the 5th person. 😉

Race Time Predictor

This weekend I discovered something. I do not particularly like regular hummus. Blasphemy, huh?

I think it’s bland and needs a little “oomph” to taste good. What I do love, however, is flavored hummus!

My lunch today featured a combination of roasted red pepper and jalepeño cilantro hummus on a whole wheat sandwich thin with portobello mushrooms.

Lunch Time

Hummus & Mushroom Sandwich + Roasted Asparagus

On the side I enjoyed roasted asparagus, sugar-free strawberry Jello and a handful of Planters honey roasted peanuts.

I ❤ Peanuts!

Lunch was gooooood.

Race Time Predictor

Have you run a 5k or other running race recently or timed yourself on your latest run?

Keep that time in your head, and click here to enter it into a “Race Time Predictor” to check out your predicted time for other races, including a half marathon, marathon and 100 mile race! 😀

Pretty neat, huh?

Do you think the Race Time Predictor is accurate?

I think it’s a pretty decent tool and it seemed to be pretty accurate in predicting my times for various race distances.

For me, my pace is pretty similar whether I run a 5k or 10k race… I don’t run for time and literally tell myself to “slow down and enjoy the experience” when I run in a race. Still, I think the race predictor is pretty neat. Based on my last 5 mile race time, I should finish Saturday’s 10k race in 54:22. We’ll see if it’s accurate!