100 Degrees

According to my car, it was 100 degrees outside when I drove home from work this afternoon.

Holy hotness!

Just walking from my car to our apartment made me feel overheated, so I knew a long walk with Sadie was out of the question.

Instead, I leashed her up for an early-evening romp at the dog park.

Playin' at the Park

All Smiles

Our time at the park was spent playing a billion rounds of fetch.

Sadie also enjoyed several dips in the lake to cool down.

Water Dawg

Pretty Girl

I think a long session at the dog park makes me hungrier than Sadie and I’m not even the one who sprints around like a mad woman.

Post-park, we came home and I got to work in the kitchen.


Dinner came together in a flash thanks to a Morningstar Farms tomato and basil pizza veggie burger.

Pizza Burger

I served the burger on a whole wheat Pepperidge Farms deli flat with spinach and plum tomato slices.

Dinner is Served

Roasted cauliflower rounded out the meal.

Roasted Cauliflower

Roasted Cauliflower

Mah Burger

Veggies Burger 'n' Veggies

It was great post-park fuel! 🙂

Ryan is attending at a class this evening, so Sadie and I have plans to cuddle on the couch and watch The Bachelorette right now. I’m really looking forward to relaxin’ with the pup.

See ya in the morning!

It’s All About the Smell

The smell of food is one of my favorite things about making a meal.

Smelling something baking in the oven or grilling in the backyard gives me a sense of comfort and happiness. I love how a simple whiff of a neighbor’s burgers on the grill can make you instantly want to pop over and have a BBQ!

The smell of my lunch today was delicious and prompted several people to ask me what I was making as it cooked in the break room.

What caused the heavenly sent, you may be wondering?

MorningStar Farms Pizza Burgers

Pizza burgers!

These babies smell so good. Luckily they taste pretty good, too!

I incorporated a MorningStar Farms tomato and basil pizza burger into my lunch by placing it on top of a steamed veggie salad with marinara sauce and ricotta cheese.

Veggies + Marinara + Ricotta

Pizza Burger = Yum

These pizza burgers used to be my go-to snack at work. I ate them so much that I eventually got sick of them! I always seem to do that with new foods I love!

What is your favorite food smell?

To me, there’s nothing that smells better than chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven… Though cinnamon rolls do come close!

Pizza Burger!

Today’s lunch was as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Arnold’s whole wheat sandwich thin

2. MorningStar Farms tomato and basil pizza burger

3. Fresh spinach

pizza burger

Pizza Burger

This Italian burger was a veggie delight! Full of flavor and lots of vegetables.

I love veggie burgers and this is one of my favorites. Mozzarella cheese is found throughout the patty and the seasonings are fragrant and tasty. Not bad for a break room lunch!

Thanksgiving Potluck

Today we received an office email about the annual Thanksgiving potluck. This year it’s taking place on the Monday before Thanksgiving. Since I wasn’t here last year, I am quite excited to taste the goodies and make a delicious dessert to bring. I signed up to bring a turtle pumpkin pie.


(Picture from WomensDay.com)

I found the recipe last month in a magazine and tore it out, thinking I’d make it for a holiday gathering. This seems like the perfect opportunity!

What do you typically make for holiday potlucks?