Chickpea Pita Pocket

Today I finished up the can of chickpeas I opened up yesterday. Lunch was my third chickpea meal in less than 48 hours!

What’s your favorite chickpea recipe?

I combined my remaining chickpeas with veggies I had leftover from dinner and coated everything  in marinara sauce.

Saucy Chickpeas

I stuffed my saucy ‘pea mixture in a whole wheat pita pocket with a handful of fresh spinach. It was yum.

'Pea Pita Pocket

Stuffed Pita

After work I’m off to an Invisalign appointment and plan to scoop up the pup for a quick trip to the dog park before Ryan gets home. On Monday he left for the University of Florida to represent his company at a career fair on campus. I missed him last night. Fortunately I was able to entertain myself with The Bachelor. 😉

What’s your favorite reality show?

I am a huge fan of The Biggest Loser.

Seafood Salad Pita Pocket

During last night’s sushi date night I remembered just how much I love fakie crab meat. Imitation crab meat, also known as surimi, is often used in the California roll, one of my favorite sushi rolls (and a great one for those uneasy about sushi to try since there’s no raw fish in it).

I picked up a pack of the imitation crab meat to use for today’s lunch (and tomorrow’s too!). I combined the fake crab meat with chopped cucumber and light miracle whip to make an easy and tasty seafood salad.

Seafood Salad

I stuffed the seafood salad into a whole wheat pita pocket.

Stuffed Up

This was sooo good. I’ve already prepped some more for lunch tomorrow.

After lunch I got my sweat on at the gym with a random cardio workout consisting of:

  • 15 minutes stair master
  • 15 minute run
  • 10 minutes incline walking
  • 10 minutes elliptical (+ Food Network magazine 🙂 )

After my workout I picked up Sadie to get some gas in my car and drop several big boxes off at Goodwill. Hopefully someone will enjoy my clothes, glasses, hats, books and other random goodies. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, right!? 😉

When I got home, I made a big bowl of Jello Oreo pudding for me and Ryan and polished off my portion in a flash! I love anything creamy… especially when cookie chunks are involved! 😀

Oreo Pudding

To be honest this pudding was a little stingy with the Oreo cookie chunks. Note to Jello: I like lots o’ cookies!

The rest of the evening will be a traditional Sunday night full of relaxing and last minute chores (laundry, ugh). I love that it’s chilly outside because it makes our apartment feel extra cozy. The candles and Christmas decor add to the comfy atmosphere.

Christmas Bling

Cinnamon Stick Candle

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Tuna Salad Pita Pocket

As I was going over my eats from yesterday in my head today, I realized that vegetables weren’t the only thing lacking… protein was practically non-existent as well.

Enter: canned tuna!


Canned Tuna

This salty (and stanky!) lil’ fish is packed with flavor and seemed like the perfect way to incorporate a filling and lean protein source into my lunch.

I made an easy tuna salad by adding light mayo, relish, mustard and red onion to the tuna.

tuna salad

Tuna Salad (Nasty lookin', huh?)

I scooped the tuna salad into a whole wheat pita and added a couple handfuls of spinach and several slices of a fresh plum tomato.

tuna salad in pita

Tuna Stuffed in a Pita


Adding Color and Crunch

Hooray for sneaking some veggies in! 🙂

Don’t Forget!

Remember to enter my very first giveaway by 8 p.m. tonight!

Using Old Bay the Right Way

…and that would be with seafood (shrimp in particular). 🙂

Old Bay All the Way!

Old Bay All the Way!

I used this tasty seasoning to enhance my lunchtime shrimp salad.

I began preparing this lunch last night and boiled approximately three ounces of lil’ shrimpies until they were nice and orange. I let them chill in the fridge overnight.



To make the shrimp salad, I combined chopped shrimp, light mayo, celery, President feta cheese (the best!) and lots and lots (and lots!) of Old Bay.

President Feta Cheese

President Feta Cheese

Shrimp Salad

Shrimp Salad

I stuffed the shrimp salad into a whole wheat Joseph’s pita, along with lots of fresh, leafy spinach.

Nice and Cozy in a Pita Pocket

Nice and Cozy in a Pita Pocket

Mmm, mmm good! I am a full and happy camper. 🙂

After one meal, no matter how stuffed I am, I always start to think about what I’ll be eating next. What to do for dinner??? Pasta, chicken, zucchini fries, acorn squash… decisions, decisions.

Question: What are you having for dinner?

Snack Time to Lunch Time

I’ve previously said I enjoy eating mini-meals throughout the day, but I realized I typically only post my three “main meals” which are basically the meals I eat at normal breakfast, lunch and dinner times.

This keeps my blog load down so I don’t get too overwhelmed, but today I did snap a pic of my 11 a.m. mini-meal.

Fruity Greek Goodness

Fruity Greek Goodness

I topped a plain Chobani Greek yogurt cup with freshly sliced strawberries and a cup of Dole no sugar added Mandarin orange slices.

Big, Fat Strawberries

Big, Fat Strawberries

Close Up

Close Up

This helped tide me over until lunchtime when I warmed up a Joseph’s pita and stuffed it with homemade tuna salad and fresh spinach.

Tuna Salad with Celery

Tuna Salad with Celery

To make the tuna salad, I combined a can of tuna with a big squirt of light mayo, a little squirt of mustard, a scoop of relish and lots of chopped celery. The celery made it taste like the tuna salad you might get at a deli, which I just loved!

Tuna and Spinach Pita

Tuna and Spinach Pita



I loved this lunch. The Joseph’s pita is the perfect size for stuffing but isn’t so thick that it takes away from the flavor of the goodies inside.