Operation Healthy

Last night around 10 p.m. Ryan and I both laid in bed feeling overly full. We were both experiencing a serious sugar coma.

Sugar Coma

This weekend was quite the sugary feast. Between the two of us we polished off:

Before drifting off to sleep, we declared that today would be the start of “Operation Healthy.”

Both of us have been snacking on a lot of sweets lately and I’ve noticed myself feeling more lethargic and sluggish than usual. I can only attribute this to the myriad of indulgent treats I’ve been enjoying daily.

I am all for indulging every day, but in moderation. A cookie or two every day is completely fine, but I haven’t been eating just one cookie. I’ve been enjoying birthday cake at work, baked goods at home and overly indulgent weekends.

Operation Healthy commences today and we’re working together to shift our sweet tooth away from inordinate amounts of baked goods. I love to bake, but a whole batch of cookies chillin’ in a home where only two people live spells trouble… especially when those two people are self-proclaimed cookie monsters.

I will still have my daily treats, but they will be controlled and limited to one or two yummy goodies every day. I don’t want to gorge on ice cream since it only leaves me feeling overly stuffed and lethargic. This decision is not motivated by my weight, but rather by my health and the way I’ve been feeling. I want my energy back! Watch out spinach, here I come! 😀


I slept like a ROCK last night. I think I yawned my way through BodyPump this morning, and by the time I was actually awake, the class was over. One of the many benefits of early morning workouts!

After the Pump, I took Sadie on a 40-minute walk around the lake near our apartment. Today was apparently “awesome stick day” because Sadie tried to entice me with about five different sticks. She jumped around like a nut job and got quite a few smiles from strangers. Sure, it’s cute when she’s not yours. 😉 Just kiddin’… I love my stick-obsessed pup!


Breakfast was sweet, but healthy! Operation Healthy is in full swing! 😀

Yog + Fruit

Today’s morning meal included a bowl of Greek yogurt, topped with slices pineapple, nectarine and strawberries.

Up Close & Personal

Monday Breakfast

Protein-packed, sweet, creamy, and delicious! Score!

Question of the Morning

  • Do you find it difficult to stop eating indulgent foods once you start?
  • How to you switch back to healthy eating?

What Better Way to Spend Father’s Day

What better way to spend a sunny Father’s Day than on a boat?

Pretty Day

A little after 10 a.m., my mom, dad, Ryan and I took my parents’ boat out to cruise around the Gulf of Mexico and test out the new mask, fins and snorkel I got yesterday.

My sister was actually taking a scuba certification course all day, so she wasn’t able to join us. 😦 (We have a trip to the Keys planned in a couple of weeks and want her to be certified so we can enjoy some family scuba diving! )

Though my sister couldn’t join us, we did have a stow-away on board… 

Me & Shark Bait

(Apparently the above picture was taken mid-lick. 🙂 )

Family Photo

My dad did a good job of taking us to an area in the Gulf where it wasn’t too deep so I could test out my gear.

Captain & First Mate

I wanted a hot pink mask, fins and snorkel set but settled on a hodgepodge of neon colors at the scuba shop yesterday since they didn’t have my size in pink fins and the pink mask and snorkel sets were a weird muted pink.

Gearin' Up

I think I will try to get a variety of color into my scuba gear as I get myself some more supplies. I’ll be Rainbow Bright the scuba diver. 😉

Splish Splash

How Cool Do I Look?

Sadie got a little jealous of all the fun we were having in the water. Once she was suited up, she was ready to join us for a dip!

Ready for a Dip

Swim, Swim

Days on the boat are so much fun!

Why do we have to work? Every day should be spent like this! 😀


We arrived back home from a fun day of boating with hungry bellies.

We quickly made sandwiches and enjoyed some fresh fruit on the side.

I had a chicken salad sandwich on a multi-grain sandwich thin with a side of fresh pineapple.

Chicken Salad Sandwich

Taste of the Tropics

The pineapple was so sweet and perfectly ripe. I ate a bunch!

Once our bellies were full, Ryan and I packed up our bags and hit the road to head back to Orlando.

Now it’s time to unpack and get organized for the week!

Bob Marley Barley

Barley is the jam. Not only does it rhyme with Bob Marley who is responsible for some pretty jammin’ music, but it tastes fantastic to boot!

I cooked up some barley last night while I was making dinner and placed the hot grain in the fridge overnight so it would be nice and cold today.

This morning I added Greek yogurt and fresh pineapple (Chopped by Ryan – Thank you!) to the barley for a pineapple barley breakfast bowl.

Vibrant Yellow

Pineapple Barley Breakfast Bowl

The pineapple Ryan picked up at the grocery store that I included in this bowl was perfectly ripe and oh-so-sweet.

Wednesday Breakfast

Stir it Up

I listened to Bob Marley and made sure to “Stir It Up,” before digging in.

This pineapple barley yogurt bowl was tasty! It now has a new place in my heart next to my strawberry barley breakfast bowl and my raspberry barley breakfast bowl.


This cold, creamy breakfast was the perfect thing to come home to after a good workout this morning.

I took a BodyPump class (upped my chest weight!), followed by 25 minutes of light cardio on the elliptical with OK! magazine. Trashy celebrity gossip magazines are terrific for gym reading since they’re basically picture books and I don’t have to feel dizzy as I try to read the articles. I’m in it for the pics! 😀

National Running Day

I saw this little tid bit of information on FitSugar.com yesterday and had to share it with you runners and non-runners: Today is National Running Day!

In honor of this special day, check out these running-related tips, articles and posts:

Assuming you are not injured, I believe running is something anyone can do. Seriously! Even you, the reader who is thinking “I don’t know if I can even run a mile.” Well, you can! It just takes time, patience and practice. Check out the tips for new runners link (above) for some thoughts from me and blog readers on how to ease your way into running.

Question of the Day

Is running a part of your regular workout routine? How often do you run?

Bargain Baby Food Breakfast

Today’s breakfast was a “bargain breakfast.”

Greek Yogurt, Banana Puffs and Dried Banana and Pineapple

Greek Yogurt, Banana Puffs and Dried Banana and Pineapple

I am a bargain hunter, a coupon clipper and a sale shopper. Buy one, get one free deals are my best friend. Ryan and I always compare the “How much did you save?” number at the bottom of our Publix grocery store receipts.

(Surprisingly the cashiers can get really into our little competition, too. One time the bagger ran to the back of the store to get me a bag of frozen large shrimp instead of the jumbo ones I selected since the large ones were on sale. I won that particular savings competition. 😉 )

During our most recent trip to the grocery store, an item I typically bypass was on sale: baby food. The discounted price caught my eye and when I saw “whole grains” on the label of one of the items, I began looking at the products more closely.

Gerber Graduates Banana Puffs

Gerber Graduates Banana Puffs

The Gerber Graduates Puffs (banana flavor) are made with whole grains and real banana and have only 25 calories per one half-up serving. I put them in my cart.

Next I spotted Gerber Graduates Mini Fruits (banana pineapple flavor).

Gerber Graduates Dried Banana and Pineapple

Gerber Graduates Dried Banana and Pineapple

The ingredients were very simple: freeze-dried banana and pineapple. Into my cart they went. (They were only $1!)

My breakfast this morning was a cup of Chobani Greek yogurt topped with my two bargain baby food purchases.

Greek Yogurt and Baby Food

Greek Yogurt and Baby Food

A Delicious Combo

A Delicious Combo

I also brewed a hot cup of Mighty Leaf chocolate mint truffle tea to enjoy with my crunchy yogurt creation.

Monday's Breakfast

Monday's Breakfast

Who knew an adult could love baby food so much?

Question: Are you a bargain hunter? What are your favorite stores for great deals?