100 Degrees

According to my car, it was 100 degrees outside when I drove home from work this afternoon.

Holy hotness!

Just walking from my car to our apartment made me feel overheated, so I knew a long walk with Sadie was out of the question.

Instead, I leashed her up for an early-evening romp at the dog park.

Playin' at the Park

All Smiles

Our time at the park was spent playing a billion rounds of fetch.

Sadie also enjoyed several dips in the lake to cool down.

Water Dawg

Pretty Girl

I think a long session at the dog park makes me hungrier than Sadie and I’m not even the one who sprints around like a mad woman.

Post-park, we came home and I got to work in the kitchen.


Dinner came together in a flash thanks to a Morningstar Farms tomato and basil pizza veggie burger.

Pizza Burger

I served the burger on a whole wheat Pepperidge Farms deli flat with spinach and plum tomato slices.

Dinner is Served

Roasted cauliflower rounded out the meal.

Roasted Cauliflower

Roasted Cauliflower

Mah Burger

Veggies Burger 'n' Veggies

It was great post-park fuel! 🙂

Ryan is attending at a class this evening, so Sadie and I have plans to cuddle on the couch and watch The Bachelorette right now. I’m really looking forward to relaxin’ with the pup.

See ya in the morning!

Weekend Warrior


The Brie cheese we bought yesterday at Whole Foods may be the stinkiest cheese I’ve even encountered.

Stinky Brie

The rank stench isn’t enough to put me off though, and the pungent cheese was the highlight of my lunch today.

For your viewing pleasure…

Brie + Apple Sandwich

I made myself a Brie and apple sandwich on honey wheat Pepperidge Farm deli flat bread.

On the side, I enjoyed a pop of color in the form of grape tomatoes and a sliced carrot from the farmer’s market.

Pop 'o' Color

Fruit (apple, tomato) + Veggies (carrot) + Protein (cheese) + Fat (cheese) + Whole Grains (bread) = Well rounded meal

Monday's Lunch

Weekend Warrior

As you may have noticed from my posts this weekend (namely the three-dessert extravaganza on Saturday night), I tend to indulge more than usual on the weekends.

By indulge I don’t mean I have an extra cookie or two… I really indulge, and sometimes eat so many sweets that I feel ill from all the sugar.

This doesn’t make me feel guilty, because it isn’t something I do daily, but it is something I’m becoming increasingly aware of.

Since I don’t deprive myself during the week, I know my weekend indulgences are not brought on by depravation or cravings, but rather by opportunity.

On the weekend, I find myself eating out more often, attending a BBQ at a friend’s house, or engaging in other activities where unhealthy food is available and often the center of the activity.

This realization prompted me to brainstorm some tips to help myself maintain my healthy eating on the weekends, which I thought I would share with you below:

  • Eat a healthy breakfast: Start your day on the right foot by eating a breakfast that includes healthy carbs, fat and protein.
  • Take time for snacks: I am often busier on the weekends and won’t eat my mid-morning or afternoon snacks like I normally do during the weekdays. Make it a point to eat your snack to avoid extreme hunger (and possible overindulgence) come mealtime.
  • Assess your surroundings: If you’re truly at a special event (like a wedding), indulge (but don’t overindulge) in something special (like wedding cake). If the event is a routine BBQ or a simple get-together with friends, don’t use it as an excuse to down copious amounts of chips and dip.
  • Fit in fitness: My days off from the gym put me in lazy-Julie mode. Even on rest days, get out of the house and go for a walk to remind yourself that healthy-living occurs on days away from the gym as well.
  • Keep your hands busy: I tend to head into the kitchen when I’m hanging out around the house simply because I like to be doing something. Watching TV or a movie can make me antsy. Keep your hands busy with something else (file your nails, pet your dog, exchange hand massages with your boyfriend, flip through a magazine) while watching TV to avoid the urge to wander into the kitchen.

Do you struggle with healthy eating on the weekends? What are your tips for maintaining healthy eating habits over the weekend?