Savin’ Them ‘Gs

I’m sure you’ve heard people refer to money as “g’s” before, right?

If Only My Blog Paid Me Like This...

Apparently I’m not well-versed in pop-culture slang, because I never knew what exactly “g’s” stood for when referencing money. Just in case you’re a super-blonde like me and never knew, it stands for “grand” like $1 grand = $1,000. Somebody, somewhere just rolled their eyes into the back of their head (Likely Ryan 😉 ).

I hope you enjoyed today’s lesson… Or will forgive me for telling you something you already knew and thought was totally obvious.

Annnyway, I have always been a g-saver and constantly look for great deals and ways to save my money.

A couple of months ago my friend Merri sent me a text message that changed my life. (Okay, not really, but it was still a good little nugget of information that she shared with me.)

Did you know you can get a polish change instead of a pedicure for $10?

Nooo. Actually I didn’t know this.

Ever since I got that text, I haven’t splurged on a full-on pedicure. I’ve opted for a simple polish change on my toes, which still looks great, but costs less than half the price of a pedicure at most nail salons. Score!

Polish Change Lunch Break

Aside from the price, a wonderful thing about a polish change is that you can often get in and get out of the nail salon in 20 minutes. That means you may even be able to cram it into your lunch break.

That’s exactly what I did today. I managed to save even more time by bringing my own polish since I often take an inordinate amount of time selecting the perfect color.

Self-Timer at a Stop Light! What, What!?

O.P.I Shade: A True Aboriginal

I was in and out and on with my life in less than 20 minutes! Sch-weet!


Since I have a long day ahead of me involving a flight to Chicago and our first night of bachelorette party fun, I wanted to be sure to enjoy a filling and nutritious lunch.

I opted for my favorite combination of noodles, Barilla mushroom and garlic marinara sauce, steamed broccoli and freshly chopping spinach.

Noodles + Sauce + Veggies

Apparently My Camera Focuses Only On the Most Nutritious Parts of My Bites...

Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Noodle Boooowl

I also ate a Colby-Jack string cheese on the side that went undocumented.


I am an antsy-pants  girl this afternoon! I just want my weekend of fun to start NOW!

Tonight I will be arriving in Chicago around 8 p.m. and we’ll be kicking off this wonderful bachelorette party weekend by doing Lord knows what. No one is telling me anything about the whole weekend, so I’m looking forward to having a good time at the hands of my wonderful friends. 🙂

I’ll try to keep the ol’ blog updated as much as possible while I’m in Chicago.

See ya from the Windy City! 😀

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Of Possible Interest

Question of the Afternoon

What did you do for your bachelorette party? If you’re not married, what would you want to do for your bachelorette party?

Pancakes and Pedicures

This morning has been the opposite of most Sunday mornings… It’s been productive.

Being the “driver” that he is, Ryan had us over at our old apartment doing the dreaded final clean by 8:30 a.m.


Before we left to vacuum, scrub, polish and sweep, I made us a filling breakfast of apple cinnamon pancakes to sustain us through the clean.

Pancake Mix

I used the Farmgirl pancake mix that I gave to Ryan in his Valentine’s Day foodie basket.

Fluffy 'Cakes

After topping the ‘cakes with syrup and eating every last one, we headed over to the old pad to get crackin’ on cleaning.

Pancakes + Syrup

We cleaned for a few hours which was miserable totally great.

Mid-Morning Snack

I had an appointment with my friend Merri to get a pedicure in the early afternoon, and fortunately we were done cleaning about 20 minutes before my appointment.

I grabbed a yummy snack before heading out the door to meet Merri.

I made a berry barley bowl with barley, Greek yogurt and thawed frozen strawberries.

Berries 'n' Barley

Yogurt Barley Berry Bowl


Whenever I get a pedicure I always think I’m going to go in and pick a new, funky color.

For my last pedicure in January I picked a dark purple to be wintery. It looked almost black and I felt quite goth.

Back in September, I picked what I thought was a hot pink color for my toes before we left on a cruise with our friends. In the sunlight it ended up looking orange. Ick!

Today, I figured I’d select a nice, safe color, which, for me, is always some shade of pink. 😀

After seeing the color Merri selected, I instantly put my darker pink color back on the shelf and decided to go with the same color she picked. We now have matching toes. 😉


I got home and did the “don’t step on my toes, dance around the puppy” dance to make sure Sadie didn’t step on my feet and ruin my fresh pedicure.

The "Don't Step on My Toes, Dance Around the Puppy" Dance

Pedicure Squat

I don’t want to jinx myself, but the “dance” has, so far, proven successful and my toes are in tact. 😉


Plans for the rest of the day include unpacking (are you sick of hearing about moving yet!?) and running to the grocery store and Marshall’s to return shoes and pick up some necessities for the new apartment. You know I’ll be spending in inordinate amount of time in the specialty foods aisle as well… 😉

What are you doing on this fine Sunday?

Please share! I love reading about what you guys are up to!