Day of Rest, Not So Much

I thought Sunday was supposed to be the “day of rest.” Today has been anything but so far!

Walk Sadie –> Breakfast –> Church –> Errands –> Lunch


Breakfast was a quick one because I wanted to be sure to have enough time to change and head over to chuch on time.

A simple combo of Greek yogurt plus lots of fresh blueberries did the trick!

Blueberry Overload

Creamy Spoonful

This yogurtbowl honestly had 3/4 of a pint of blueberries in it! Apparently I was really feelin’ fresh fruit. When I woke up I wasn’t all that hungry for some reason, so this light breakfast was enough to satisfy me for a little while.

Outlet Mall

After church, Ryan and I headed to the Prime Outlets, an awesome outlet mall about 15 minutes away from our apartment.

Our first stop was the Nike Outlet where Ryan nabbed a new pair of soccer cleats. He plays soccer on a men’s league and his old pair of cleats have been causing him pain (not to mention a black toenail 😦 ).

He's So Hardcore

I actually talked him into the orange pair! I thought they were quite snazzy. World Cup, here he comes! 😉

I’m not one to leave a store without a little somethin’ somethin’, and I bought myself a pair of running shorts for $15.

"Baby We Were Born to Ruuuun"

On our way out of the Nike Outlet, we passed a woman holding a baby alligator from Gatorland. Of course I had to pet the little guy.

Little Gator

You know how some girls keep their little dogs in their purse? Well, I think I’m gonna stash that little gator guy in mine. He was awfully cute. 🙂

We hit up some other stores, including one of my favorite shoe stores, Aldo.

I found these gorgeous shoes that I think would look wonderful with my bridesmaid dresses.

Pretty Shoes

I’m letting my bridesmaids pick their own shoes for the wedding, but I think that pair could look really cute! I actually asked if they had the strappy shoe in white or light pink to see if it could be a contender for my bridal shoes, but unfortunately it only comes in tan, black and silver. No dice.

Before hitting up some other stores (Banana Republic and J.Crew – my favs!) we stopped for a cold treat at Starbucks.

I ordered a light caramel Frappuccino while Ryan opted for a chai tea Frappuccino.

Manly Drink

Caramel Frapp

These cold treats were great pick-me-ups. It was HOT outside!

We also hit up le gourmet chef for loads of free samples. I honestly got a little full off of all the pretzels, dips and cookie samples. I am seriously a free-sample fiend. Love ’em.


After several hours of shopping, we headed home for lunch. I made a quick quesailla of sorts with cheddar cheese, fresh spinach and steamed cauliflower.


Wrapped Up

I was still a little hungry afterwards and split a banana caramel protein smoothie with Ryan as well. 

Now it’s time to hit up the grocery store before I head over to my friend Laurel’s for some girl time. Catcha after dinner!