Game Night + Sundaes

Game night last night was a blast!

Girls + Games

A small group of us got together to play Scattergories at my friend Laurel’s apartment.

Her adorable (albeit slightly crazy) cat Natasha also joined in on the fun.


We were all laughing at the way Natasha sprawls out with her legs behind her. I’ve never seen a cat do that! So stinkin’ cute!

Laurel is such a wonderful hostess and had all the fixin’s for ice cream sundaes for us to enjoy.

In honor of Operation Healthy, Ryan and I decided to share a sundae.

Best Food in the World

Ryan made our sundae by topping a fresh-out-of-the-oven ooey gooey brownie with a couple of scoops of peanut butter cup ice cream, whipped cream, peanut butter sauce and hot fudge.

I think we polished off the entire bowl in 2.5 seconds.

Someone went back for more…

Round Two

You know I had several bites of his second sundae. What kind of a fiance would I be if I let him polish it all off by himself? 😉

It is very hard for me to not overdo it when it comes to ice cream because I love it so, so much. I honestly think I could polish off a half-gallon without a problem.

Fortunately last night I enjoyed the ice cream without overdoing it and left Laurel’s feeling satisfied but not overly stuffed. Success!


This morning I woke up with a cramp in my calf!

I jumped around our bedroom breathing deeply and trying to stretch it out. Eek! No fun!

Waking up to a cramp in your calf really wakes you up, so I was quite the chipper little girl at the gym this morning.

Today’s workout included:

  • 10 min. stair master
  • 20 min. arc trainer
  • 20 min. elliptical

I did all of my workouts while browsing through my ginormous stack of bridal magazines.

I am on a mission to get through all of them within the week. I am tearing out any pages with ideas or inspiration for our big day and leaving the rest at the gym. My magazine stack is getting out of control (Yes, I blame you, Mama! 😉 )!


Wanna know something kind of weird? I prefer my peanut butter and banana sandwiches made with slices of frozen bananas. I think they are more flavorful and hold up better in the sandwich for some reason.

Frozen Banana Slices + Nutmeg

I dusted today’s peanut butter and banana sandwich with nutmeg to make it all gourmet looking to impress you guys.

Did it work? 😉

PB + Nutmeg

PB & B

I also enjoyed an Adora calcium disk because they taste like candy to help my bones stay strong.



Peanut butter, I love you.

Along with breakfast I also enjoyed a tumbler full of my gym’s free coffee.

Free Coffee Makes Me Smile

Oh! And before I forget… Sadie says “hi!”

"What Up, Yo!?"

Question of the Morning

  • Do you like to play board games?
  • What is your favorite game?

I love Taboo! 😀

Operation Healthy

Last night around 10 p.m. Ryan and I both laid in bed feeling overly full. We were both experiencing a serious sugar coma.

Sugar Coma

This weekend was quite the sugary feast. Between the two of us we polished off:

Before drifting off to sleep, we declared that today would be the start of “Operation Healthy.”

Both of us have been snacking on a lot of sweets lately and I’ve noticed myself feeling more lethargic and sluggish than usual. I can only attribute this to the myriad of indulgent treats I’ve been enjoying daily.

I am all for indulging every day, but in moderation. A cookie or two every day is completely fine, but I haven’t been eating just one cookie. I’ve been enjoying birthday cake at work, baked goods at home and overly indulgent weekends.

Operation Healthy commences today and we’re working together to shift our sweet tooth away from inordinate amounts of baked goods. I love to bake, but a whole batch of cookies chillin’ in a home where only two people live spells trouble… especially when those two people are self-proclaimed cookie monsters.

I will still have my daily treats, but they will be controlled and limited to one or two yummy goodies every day. I don’t want to gorge on ice cream since it only leaves me feeling overly stuffed and lethargic. This decision is not motivated by my weight, but rather by my health and the way I’ve been feeling. I want my energy back! Watch out spinach, here I come! 😀


I slept like a ROCK last night. I think I yawned my way through BodyPump this morning, and by the time I was actually awake, the class was over. One of the many benefits of early morning workouts!

After the Pump, I took Sadie on a 40-minute walk around the lake near our apartment. Today was apparently “awesome stick day” because Sadie tried to entice me with about five different sticks. She jumped around like a nut job and got quite a few smiles from strangers. Sure, it’s cute when she’s not yours. 😉 Just kiddin’… I love my stick-obsessed pup!


Breakfast was sweet, but healthy! Operation Healthy is in full swing! 😀

Yog + Fruit

Today’s morning meal included a bowl of Greek yogurt, topped with slices pineapple, nectarine and strawberries.

Up Close & Personal

Monday Breakfast

Protein-packed, sweet, creamy, and delicious! Score!

Question of the Morning

  • Do you find it difficult to stop eating indulgent foods once you start?
  • How to you switch back to healthy eating?