“Healthy” Drink Shocker

I think the Attune chocolate bar I ate last night sparked a chocolate craving in me this morning.

I figured a bowl of brownie batter hot cereal would ease my sweet tooth a bit and get some chocolate in my belly in a healthier way than a big bowl of chocolate ice cream with hot fudge sauce (which is what I really wanted) would.

Brownie Batter Hot Cereal

Thursday's Breakfast

I enjoyed my bowl of chocolate goodness with a hot tumbler full of my gym’s free coffee. Today’s coffee combination was Barnie’s cinnamon butter cookie and French vanilla coffee flavors combined.

I would have no problem downing a big ice cream sundae for breakfast. I see no boundaries between my meals (which is probably why I love breakfast for dinner so much). Growing up one of my favorite breakfasts was leftover spaghetti with my mom’s marinara meat sauce… I actually preferred it cold. 😀

Does eating foods typically reserved for dinner or lunch gross you out in the morning, or can you down a slice of pizza before 9 a.m. without a problem?

Bring on the pizza!

“Healthy” Drinks

My friend Katherine emailed me a pretty interesting link the other day. It was an eye-opening look at popular drinks Americans consume daily. The biggest shocker? The “healthy” drink (Naked Protein Zone Banana Chocolate drink, 15.2-ounce bottle) that had 70 grams of sugar… the same amount of sugar found in five Breyers Oreo ice cream sandwiches. Yikes!

Pick One: Protein Drink or FIVE Ice Cream Sandwiches

So which one do you choose?

Pass me the ice cream puh-lease! 😀