Blog Celebrity

Tonight I met someone I consider a blog celebrity. 😀

Meghann (of the fantastic blog The Inner Workings of a College Graduate) and I got together in Winter Park for a massage, followed by dinner at Mellow Mushroom. (Kind of romantic, no?)

Me 'n' Meghann

I feel like such a little dweeb-o because I get all giddy before I meet someone whose blog I follow daily. I know way too much about their life and almost feel like I am intruding by reading their blog, even though they post for the world to see! Odd, huh?


Meghann and I met up after work and I got to check out her sweet ride that she’s enjoying as part of a promotion with Chevy.

We drove over to Massage Envy in Winter Park for our massages,which Meghann received for free through Chevy and kindly shared with me.

Time to Relax

I love massages but I never buy them for myself because I can’t stomach the cost, so this was a special treat!

We both agreed that our massages were very relaxing. If I were a bazillionaire I’d get a massage every other day.


Post-rub down, we headed to Mellow Mushroom for pizza!

Smilin' Pretty

Yours Truly

We decided to share a mega-veggie pizza.

Mega Veggie Pizza

The Goods

It was fun to eat with Meghann because I wasn’t the only crazy lady photographing her food. 😉

Blogger in Action

I paired my two large pizza slices with a small side salad.

Side Salad

It was fresh, filling and veggie-packed.

I really enjoyed getting to know Meghann better and was very grateful to her for including me in her massage excursion. I had a great time! 🙂

Foodie Friday

I’m now heading off to the kitchen to get to work on my Foodie Friday treat!

The Foodie Friday recipe winner will be revealed in the mornin’. Thanks to all of you who weighed in on which treat I should make.

I’m already drooling just thinking about it…

Question of the Evening

Have you ever met another blogger in person?