Make Up vs. No Make Up

Lunch, lunch, lunch.

Today’s lunch was oh-so-tasty thanks to leftover BBQ meatloaf!

Meatloaf Sandwich

I enjoyed the leftover meatloaf on a whole wheat Arnold sandwich thin which I received as a sample through the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program.

Though I’ve already declared my love for these sandwich thins numerous times on the blog, allow me to sing their praises one more time: La, la, la! They are so¬† doughy and delicious! La, la, la! ūüėÄ

Yum, Yum Eat 'Em Up

For some extra color, I also enjoyed chopped red and orange peppers with grape tomatoes.

Red + Orange

A cup of Mott’s Natural Applesauce also made an appearance.

Not Just For Kids, My Friends

Thursday's Lunch

I also ate leftover Brussels sprouts and onions from last night, but those eluded any photographs.

This lunch filled me right up!

Now on to some beauty talk…

Make Up vs. No Make Up

I have always envied girls who were good at doing make up.

Watching someone put on their makeup thoroughly amuses me. It’s almost like watching an artist paint a fresh canvas.

Unfortunately I am not good at make up. At all. Not even a little bit.

For one thing, eyeshadow makes me itchy.

I wish I had the ability to highlight my eyes with different color shadows or smudge some eyeliner to give myself the super-sexy smoky eye. Whenever I’ve tried to experiment with¬† color on my eyelids (other than tans, taupes, beiges and golds),¬† I end up looking like Mimi from Drew Carey.

Hi, Mimi!

I think that’s why my makeup routine is so simple and takes about five minutes.

My Make Up Goods

Fortunately I am marrying a man who is not a fan of makeup. He says he cannot tell the difference between me with a full face of make up and me without any makeup. (The poor boy is clearly blind.) On the weekends I often go makeup free since Ryan has said he prefers me that way and it makes my life a little easier, too!

In talking with some of my girlfriends, it seems like a lot of guys like their girlfriends or wives fresh faced. It makes me think that women often put on makeup for other women.

And now, speaking of fresh faces…

Faces of Beauty

As if I wasn’t already a big enough fan of Heather of the wonderful blog Heather’s Dish (this girl has some seriously awesome photography skills), yesterday she made an announcement about a new website she’s launching called Faces of Beauty, which made me love her all the more.

Faces of Beauty

Faces of Beauty is a site where Heather will post pictures of women (and men!) with no (or minimal) makeup to highlight the beauty within them.

100 Percent Make Up Free!

In Heather’s words, “What I want to do is start a CELEBRATION of our natural beauty.¬† What if we took things like wrinkles, smile lines, gray hair, blond eyelashes, crooked teeth, crooked noses, shorter necks, etc. and saw the beauty and the LIFE in them?

Click here for more information about joining the movement for yourself.

Awesome, awesome idea, Heather! ūüėÄ

Of Possible Interest:

Question of the Afternoon

  • Do you always wear make up, or are you a makeup minimalist?
  • In your past or present relationships, have men preferred you with or without makeup?

Chocolate Citrus Strawberries & Wedding Registries

Leftovers for lunch!

I used last night’s BBQ meatloaf in a yummy sandwich today.

Da Loaf

Meatloaf may be one of those meals that’s better the second time around. So flavorful!

Meatloaf Sandwich

Along with the meatloaf sandwich, which I enjoyed on a whole wheat Arnold sandwich thin with light Miracle Whip and spinach, I snacked on freshly sliced green pepper.


To me, raw peppers taste like summer! They’re good eatin’.


Dessert was ah-maze-ing, thanks to Foodie Friday!

One of my coworkers prepared white chocolate covered strawberries with citrus sugar.


  1. I love strawberries
  2. I love chocolate
  3. I love citrus
  4. I love sugar

Clearly I was a happy camper!

Lovin’ the Enthusiasm

I’m so glad you guys are so enthusiastic about the Monterey Pasta Company giveaway I blogged about this morning.

Naturally I want PBF readers to be excited about any giveaway, but this one made me particularly happy because I think there are so many people out there who avoid pasta or are scared of eating it because it is high in carbohydrates.

Food is your friend! Pasta and other carb-heavy whole grain foods can be a delicious and nutritious part of a healthy diet. Don’t fear the noodle! ūüėÄ

This Weekend

I am loving the lack of major plans this weekend. A relatively clear agenda makes me happy!


  • Happy hour after work


  • 6 mile run (First “long run” of my half-marathon training plan!)
  • Mail out remaining save the dates
  • Visit bridal boutique to finalize bridesmaid dress selection
  • Date night with Ryan


  • Church
  • Lay out by the pool with Laurel
  • Farmer’s Market

We’re also thinking about registering for our wedding this weekend!!!

If you are married, where did you register? (Please share good/bad experiences!)

If you’re not married, where would you want to register?

The Man Wants His Meatloaf

Ryan has been begging for meatloaf for the past few weeks.

Though we’ve purchased lean ground beef at the grocery store with the intention of making it, lately we haven’t had patience to wait the 50 minutes it takes for the loaf to cook. Instead we’ve opted for quicker beef recipes like sloppy joes or burgers.

Tonight we had to put Ryan’s craving to rest. The poor boy has literally been in meatloaf withdrawal.

While Ryan sliced up an onion, I assembled the beef and spices. He got to do the dirty work and mix everything together by hand before plopping it in a loaf pan. (Plopping is a word I think I’ll be adding to my “words I hate list” ‚Ķ along with slop and panties.)

After tackling Sadie and messin’ with her for a while, our BBQ meatloaf was d-o-n-e.

Loaf, At Long Last

We paired the meatloaf with roasted broccoli and cauliflower for some added nutrients.

Roasted Veggies

My Plate

Hopefully this will quiet Ryan’s intense desire for meatloaf for a little while!

Question of the Evening

What meal have you been craving lately?

Broken Ankle, Bulls Game

Ryan lived with his cousin Daniel for 6+ years before Ryan and I moved in together. 

When Ryan and I were dating throughout college, I enjoyed many nights with these two as they cheered on their favorite basketball team, the Chicago Bulls.

A couple of weeks ago, Daniel broke his ankle in a soccer game and had to have surgery on it last week. Ryan, Sadie and I paid him and his girlfriend Courtney a visit this evening to watch the Bulls game and enjoy a yummy dinner.

Daniel and Ryan

Sadie even dressed up for the occassion.

Go Bulls!

#1 Fan

Apparently Sadie is quite the good luck charm because the Bulls won by quite a bit!


When we arrived, Courtney had a delicious spread of appetizers waiting for us.


I had quite a bit of everything. Why are appetizers so good!?

I really liked how Courtney prepared the sliced cucumbers. She marinated the slices in a mixture of olive oil and red wine vinegar. They were delicious!

After about an hour, we were ready for dinner. 

Ryan and I brought over our BBQ meatloaf and everyone enjoyed several slices.

BBQ Meatloaf

We also had chiabatta rolls fresh from the oven.

Ciabatta Bread

¬†I love bread. ūüôā


Dessert was a combination of my spice cake mix cookies from this afternoon and a banana chocolate chip cake that Courtney baked.

I had a couple of slices of Courtney’s cake, which she¬†made¬†with yellow cake mix, three ripe bananas and chocolate chips.

Banana Chocolate Chip Cake

Slice Number One

It was fantastic!

Dessert is my favorite part of any meal.

Bye Bye Weekend

Is it just me, or did this weekend fly by?

I sure could use another day! I need to have a serious conversation with the guy that decided weekends should only be two days.

See ya in the mornin’ to kick off another work week!

Cry Babies

Lunch today was tasty!

Friday's Lunch

I incorporated leftovers from last night’s meatloaf dinner into a tasty meatloaf sandwich with roasted red pepper hummus and a side of green beans.

Meatloaf Sandwich + Hummus

I’ve never had a meatloaf sandwich before and it didn’t disappoint!

A Bunch of Cry Babies

Today’s challenge at work: Submit a song to be played throughout the office that makes everyone cry. If you succeed, you win a free lunch.

Sad Bunny

What a nice way to keep the atmosphere light and happy on a Friday, huh?

I submitted “Everybody Hurts” by REM.

The two songs that hit me the hardest were “Secret Garden” by Bruce Springsteen (aka the song from Jerry Maguire) and the acoustic version of “Hanging by a Moment” by Lifehouse. (If you’ve never heard the acoustic version of this song, you have to listen to it!!!)

Other cry-worthy submissions included:

What song makes you cry?

I think the songs that make me tear up have to come on the radio at that perfectly vulnerable moment. Then it feels like the song is meant for you and the waterworks start flowin’.