Healthy Food On Hand

Since Ryan and I didn’t arrive back in Orlando until around 8 p.m. last night, we didn’t have the chance to get to the grocery store to stock up on food for the week.

Fortunately I assembled a pretty decent lunch using food we had around the apartment.

Noodle Bowl!

Today’s meal featured Carba Nada egg fettuccine pasta with Barilla marinara sauce, steamed broccoli and Parmesan cheese.

Carba Nada


Bowl o' Goodness

For not having a lot of food on hand, this lunch was pretty great!

Healthy Food On Hand

I try to have the makings for a healthy meal on hand at all times, and find that keeping a pantry or freezer stocked with certain items makes this a lot easier. In our pantry you will almost always find:

  • Pasta
  • Oatmeal
  • Barley
  • Soup
  • Peanut butter
  • Protein powder

Our freezer will almost always be stocked with the following items:

  • Veggies (edamame, corn, broccoli, etc.)
  • Fruit (strawberries, bananas)
  • Whole wheat bread (sandwich thins, Alternative Bagels) Note: I freeze bread all the time because it takes me a while to get through a whole loaf of bread or package of bagels.
  • Shrimp
  • Salmon burgers
  • Veggie burgers

Even though I may complain about having no food sometimes, I always seem to have something I can conjure up into a healthy meal.

Question of the Afternoon

What healthy foods can almost always be found in your pantry or freezer?

Wrap it Up

Oh how I wish our work break room had an oven. Rather than making myself an eggplant, broccoli, and spinach pizza, the lack of an oven forced me to turn my desire for thin n’ crispy pizza crust into a make-shift pizza wrap.

Delicious… but not the crispy crust I was hopin’ for.


Pizza Wrap

I topped a Joseph’s lavash with marinara sauce, goat cheese, broccoli, roasted eggplant and fresh spinach.

I love how the goat cheese melted into the marinara and made a creamy pink sauce.


Lots o' Spinach


Mah Lunch

The wrap was veeeery good, but fell apart about half way through. I love messy foods and still polished it off with a fork!

We also had a special visitor at our office today… my boss’ adorable daughter stopped by with Halloween goodies for everyone. She was too cute in her orange and black.

In my candy bag I found several sweet treats, but my hands immediately went for the chocolate.


PB and Chocolate = Match Made in Heaven


Love the Cookie Crunch

I ate one before lunch as my appetizer…

…then the other as my dessert.  🙂

This past weekend when I was chatting with my mom, I was sharing some of the tips I included in my article about maintaining a healthy diet when the Halloween candy hits. She informed me that she already purchased the big bag of our favorite chocolates… KitKats, Milky Ways, Reese’s, Snickers… the works! Looks like this weekend at home will really test my willpower!

I actually noticed that after I finished eating the candy, I immediately wanted more. I wasn’t hungry since I just finished my lunch, but I adore chocolate and could eat myself sick with the stuff. Clearly candy is a trigger food for this girl!

Question: What’s your favorite Halloween candy?