For Your Entertainment

I’m feeling a little random this morning, so here are a couple of random musings for your entertainment!

1.) Last night my friend Merri, Ryan and I had a great time watching the season finale of So You Think You Can Dance. During the finale, the dancers performed some of the best routines featured throughout the season.

I think one of my favorite dances was the “My Chick Bad” hip hop dance that Lauren and Twitch totally killed! I think I loved it so much because I secretly wish I could dance hip hop like a bad ass. A girl can dream!

Here’s the video in case you missed it:

2.) Yesterday Ryan was tagged in a pretty phenomenal picture from his bachelor cruise on Facebook from the night that all of the guys dressed up in ’80s attire for the cruise’s formal night.

You gotta get a load of this…

Ryan's Bachelor Cruise

(As you can see he took your advice and chose the ’80s outfit you guys voted for!)

3.) My friend Merri has been staying with us the past few days and has really bonded with Sadie.

Sadie the Snaggletooth

Merri even confessed to talking to Sadie when they’ve been home alone together (something I do all the time). Merri also snapped an adorable picture of Sadie waiting for her to get ready in the morning that I thought you Sadie lovers out there might enjoy.

"Hurry Up, Miss Merri! It's Time to Play!!!"

I have a feeling Sadie is going to go through Merri withdrawals when she leaves us tonight!

And there you have it! My three random musings. 😀


Holy random breakfast, Batman!

I really wanted to make oatmeal protein pancakes, but we were out of oatmeal and eggs, so I put together quite the random breakfast using a hodgepodge of food from the fridge and freezer.

Friday's Random Breakfast

Chobani Greek yogurt + Dole frozen mango + string cheese

I must say I was quite impressed with the frozen mango cubes. They were sweet and almost creamy and I really enjoyed eating them frozen! Plus, cutting up mango is in the top five of my “most annoying things to do” list, so I appreciated the convenience of the pre-cut fruit.

Frozen Mango Cubes

Totally random, but totally tasty. 😀


Today’s workout was a good one! Ryan and I initially planned to wake up at 5:30 so he could workout and I could take my typical 5:45 a.m. BodyPump class, but that wasn’t happening when the alarm went off today.

We decided to sleep in for a bit and I hit the gym around 6:40 for a total-body weights workout that looked like this:

Total-body Workout

(In case you’re interested, you may see one of my other go-to total-body workouts here.)

After pumpin’ some iron, I took Sadie on a quick one-mile walk around our neighborhood which made her a happy lil’ dawg.

"Thanks for the Walk. Now Let's Go Again."

Stay Tuned

Coming up on PBF: My post half marathon thoughts regarding training, body changes, appetite, the actual race, etc. I’m excited about this one! 😀

Question of the Morning

If you could be an awesome dancer in one style of dance, which style would you choose?

Though I think ballet and contemporary dance are absolutely beautiful, I would pick hip hop because I would love to be able to work this booty like a baller!

Drop it like it’s haaawt… 😀

Messy Mango

I learned something very important this morning.

If a mango is squishy it will be a huge pain in the tookus to cup up.

Mango Mess

I had juice and mushy fruit everywhere.

I’d say about a third of the mango actually made it into my breakfast bowl. I slurped the remaining fruit right off the big pit. It wasn’t attractive, but it was tasty!

I added two handfuls of blueberry and a big scoop of Fage Greek yogurt to the mango to complete my breakfast.

Mangos + Blueberries

Fage Greek Yogurt

Fruit + Yog

After stirring everything up, I dug in!

Ready for Eatin'

I thought the texture of the mango might be slightly off-putting when combined with the yogurt, but surprisingly it blended very well added the sweet, fresh taste of summer to the bowl.

Workout + Snack

The mango yogurt bowl was actually my second breakfast of the day.

I scarfed down my first breakfast shortly after I completed a five mile run with Sadie.

My first meal included a pack of Brothers-All-Natural apple crisps with a cup of Publix coconut créme pie yogurt.

Apple Crisps

Coconut Yogurt

I almost always stick to Greek yogurt as my yogurt of choice because it’s packed with protein, extra thick and contains ingredients I understand, but at the grocery store last night this lil’ coconut guy was calling to me.

The coconut-lover in me just couldn’t resist and though the yogurt contains a list of sketchy ingredients, it still tastes pretty phenomenal. 🙂

Breakfast number one was a great end to a great run.

Though it was still nearly 80 degrees outside, it didn’t feel as hot as it did on our runs last week. Hallelujah!

Here are our stats:

5 Mile Stats

After our run, before digging into my first breakfast, I took 10 minutes or so to stretch on my brand new yoga mat!

Pink is Pretty

I actually stretched my way through the second half of the Bachelorette last night as well.

I think having a yoga mat readily available will make it much easier for me to stretch whenever I feel the desire. Since hardwood floors cover our apartment, I never want to sit down on such a hard surface to stretch. Hopefully this little purchase will help me incorporate some much-needed stretching into my day-to-day life.

Question of the Day

Do you do any fitness-related activities in your home? DVDs, stretching, weights, etc.?