You Pick: Bridesmaid Dresses

Get ready for some bridesmaid dress fun!!!

Question of the day: Which bridesmaid dress do you like best (not taking color into account)?

All of my bridesmaids will be wearing champagne dresses (or “sand” dresses if I pick one of the dresses below from the Liz Fields collection).

Dress One:

Dress One

Dress Two:

Dress Two

Dress Three:

Dress Three

I’m not sure if any of these dresses will be the dress I select, but I really like them a lot!

I’m also up in the air as to whether or not I want everyone in the same dress… or in different dresses but in the same color/material. I think I like a uniform look, but we’ll see!

Do you like all bridesmaids in the same dress or in different dresses in the same color/material?