Cake Batter Breakfast and Mixed Nuts

Holiday Movie Night Kickoff

The kickoff to our once-a-week holiday movie night (now through Christmas!)  was a success!

Holiday Movie Night

Take away the movie, add in some amazing friends and lots o’ laughs and the night was great! I say “take away the movie” because Mixed Nuts wasn’t exactly a holiday classic in my opinion. We made it though about 30 minutes before completely ignoring the film and talking and catching up instead. Bad movie and all, holiday movie night was fun!

Work out

I woke up this morning and did not feel like going to the gym. I told myself I’d machine-hop my way through a cardio workout to keep my interest alive. When I grabbed my iPod near our mail stash, I realized the new issue of Cooking Light arrived yesterday, so I had some fun reading to fuel my workout.

Do you read magazines or watch T.V. when you work out?

I will read magazines when I’m on the elliptical, but that’s pretty much the only machine where I’m able to read since I’m not bouncing around too much. I’m not a big television watcher when I work out. I definitely prefer the eclectic mix of music on my iPod as my background noise.

Today’s workout consisted of 10 minutes on the stair master, 10 minutes on the arc trainer and 30 minutes on the elliptical. Not an intense workout, but I still was sweaty when I left and happy I went.

Hot Breakfast

I originally planned to eat Greek yogurt for breakfast, but changed my mind after a chilly walk with Sadie. Hot oatmeal sounded much better!

I added a scoop of All the Whey cup cake batter protein powder to my oats before microwaving them until they became thick, hot and creamy.

I topped my cake batter oats with thawed raspberries for a punch of color and flavor.

Thursday's Breakfast


Christmas Find

I always bring my lunch to work in a random paper bag with handles that I receive from stores like Bath and Body Works when shopping. They actually work really well and typically last a couple weeks before ripping.

If you prefer a lunch bag with a little more longevity, I saw this cute lunch bag in Cooking Light this morning.

KOKO Jenn Lunch Bag

I thought this lunch bag was much cuter than many of the others available these days and just wanted to share! 🙂

It’s Friday tomorrow!!!