The Smell of Citrus

Is there a smell more refreshing than the smell of fresh citrus?

I don’t think so! All weekend, I was enjoying clementines at my parents’ house and I snagged a few to bring back to Orlando to enjoy throughout the week.


Living in Florida has its perks! Fresh and deliciously juicy fruit is definitely one of ’em.

The clementine was a tasty addition to my breakfast of Greek yogurt topped with Kay’s Naturals golden butter pretzels and a big mug of hot Yogi goji berry green tea.

All Peeled Up

Yogurt Topped with Pretzels

I ate most of the bag of pretzels before shaking the remains on top of my yogurt. These pretzels are very tasty! At first bite they are kind of strange, but by the third bite I was loving them!

Kay's Naturals Pretzels

The nutrition facts on the pretzels are awesome, especially since normal pretzels pretty much have nothing to offer from a nutritional standpoint. These pretzels had 10 grams of protein and two grams of fiber in a serving. Niiice.

Monday's Breakfast

That big mug of tea made my belly hot and full. That’s a lot of liquid!


Today’s workout was a good one. Since my weekends are often pretty relaxed from an exercise standpoint, I enjoy a good sweat session on Monday mornings. Today I went to BodyPump and did 25 minutes of cardio afterward (10 minute run, 5 minutes incline walking, 10 minutes elliptical).

Santa in a Speedo

I took Sadie on her morning walk after my workout. It is so foggy in Orlando today! I think the visibility on our walk was less than a quarter of a mile. Apparently the whole “It’s hot! It’s cold! It’s hot! It”s cold! ” thing has the weather freaking out. It’s supposed to reach 84 degrees in Orlando today. Santa nay have to deliver presents in a Speedo.

After I wrote that comment about the Speedo, I did a search for Santa in a Speedo and apparently there are tons of Santaย  Speedo-themed runnning races all over the nation!

Check out these photos:

Santa Speedo Run

Keepin' Warm

They totally need to do one of these in Orlando. It’s actually warm here! ๐Ÿ˜€

Have you ever dressed up to run a race? What’s the funniest race costume you’ve ever seen?

When I ran in a Turkey Trot over Thanksgiving last year, I ran by a woman in a full turkey headdress. She had a horn she would honk that made the turkey gobbler sound. It was awesome!


Hooray for Friday! I love the energy on Fridays. Everyone seems 10 times happier.

Plus, there was free food in the break room this morning, which made all the freegans happy. Unfamiliar with the term “freegan?” A guy I used to work with informed me of this term used to describe people who will eat anything, as long as its free.

I’m sure you’re familiar with these people. Anytime something free is suddenly available in the break room or at an office potluck, they load up as if preparing for hibernation. Freegans can also be found prevalently around college campuses and are frequently seen hording free pieces of pizzaย  in their dorm room to enjoy throughout the week.

Are you a freegan?

I passed up on the freegan frenzy since I was nice and full from my yummy breakfast.

Friday's Breakfast

Yeah, you know that’s my College Park Orthodontics free coffee cup! I’ve been rockin’ it almost daily. It’s awesome.

CPO, what, what!?


I think I may be a little overly excited about this free mug. Might I be a freegan, too!? Ah!

For breakfast I enjoyed a small pack of Kay’s Naturals French vanilla protein cereal on top of Chobani Greek yogurt.

French Vanilla Protein Cereal

Yum Yogurt

This was my first time trying the French vanilla flavor of Kay’s Naturals protein cereal and I loved it! ๐Ÿ˜€ It was crunchy, sweet and very flavorful.(I bought it online at

Also, the nutrition facts are pretty impressive. One pack of the cereal has 100 calories, 15g carbs, 3g fiber, 3g sugar and 9g protein. Plus it’s all natural so it’s sweetened with honey, cinnamon and vanilla extract. It’s also gluten free.

Workout and Walk

I woke up this morning feeling wishy-washy about going to BodyPump. I walked to the gym thinking I’d do my own total-body weights routine.I even got on a cardio machine for a little warm up for about 30 seconds before changing my mind and rushing into BodyPump just in time! I scrambled to get the weights and everything ready, but I made it! So indecisive.

I’m glad I went to the class though because it was a good one. I am obsessed with the song “Now You’re Gone” by Basshunter that was played during the shoulder workout. It makes me wanna sing and dance, but at 5:45 a.m., I think I’d get smacked in the face by other people in the class if I was too enthusiastic.

I finished up my workout with 25 minutes of light cardio on the elliptical.

Then it was time for Sadie’s morning walk. Since Ryan has the day off work, he joined us. While he was grabbing a jacket, I snapped this very presidential-looking picture of Sadie.

Wise Old Sadie

Yes, she is wearing a red t-shirt. ๐Ÿ™‚ She gets cold really easily since vizslas have no undercoat and she’s so flippin’ skinny.

I ordered this t-shirt for her last year around the holidays. It says “Santa Paws’ Little Yelper” on the back. I’ll snap a picture of it this weekend for ya. It’s way too big on her, but it looks adorable. She actually likes wearing it! Whenever we bring it out of her little doggie storage bin she jumps around and wags her tail. She must get her love of clothes from her mama. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Weekend Plans

After work today I’m swinging by the apartment to pick up Ryan and Sadie for a weekend at my parents’ house in St. Pete. We have wedding planning appointments with a florist and a photographer. I also have an appointment at a bridal boutique to try on dresses tomorrow at 11 a.m. Can’t wait! Will it be simple or sha-zaam???

For those of you with wedding planning experience, aside from food, drink and the overall expense of the reception, where did you end up spending most of your wedding budget?

All this finance/budget stuff is tough! Thank goodness Ryan is number-savvy. Every time I’d send him a potential wedding venue he’d reply with a spreadsheet breakdown of all the costs. I love my little mathematician.

Breakfast Bomb

Not every random breakfast concoction I make is a success. Today’s breakfast would be a prime example of a breakfast bomb.

It wasn’t so awful that I didn’t eat the entire thing, but it wasn’t amazingly delicious either.

I started with cottage cheese and applesauce.

apple & cottage cheese

Cheesy Apple

I blended the two together with lots of cinnamon.

apple & cottage cheese blended

Cinnamon Apple Cottage Cheese

The flavor was great, but the texture was all wrong. I think it would have tasted ten times better if I would have skipped the blending.

I topped the cinnamon apple cottage cheese with Kay’s Naturals apple cinnamon protein cereal.

apple cinnamon cereal

Kay's Naturals Protein Cereal

apple & cottage cheese breakfast

Added Crunch

The tasty little o’s definitely saved this breakfast mess.

While I was quite disappointed with my sorry attempt at a innovative breakfast, my mood remained positive because I was greeted with a wonderful little surprise when I opened the fridge to pack my meals to take to work today.

i love you note

Who Doesnt' Love a Love Note?

I have one heck of a fiance! ๐Ÿ™‚

Soft Serve Bananas

I am not the proud owner of a food processor. I want one, but haven’t decided which one I should purchase (recommendations welcome!) and my mom let me borrow hers until Thanksgiving.

Using my loaner food processor, I was anxious to make the soft serve bananas Gena blogged about, saying they would “change your life.”


Frozen Bananas

I started by placing chunks of two frozen bananas in the food processor.

I let them blend away for several minutes until the bananas were creamy and totally blended.

banana softserve

Soft Serve Bananas

I cannot believe how delicious this is! It honestly tastes like creamy banana gelato. I was so impressed.

When I brought Ryan his bowl he loved it and asked what was in it. He was shocked when I said that bananas were the only ingredient. If you haven’t already, you must try this!

What is your favorite healthy dessert?

Yeehaw! Breakfast Time!

Howdy, ya’ll! My Friday is off to a festive start.


Me and My Faithful Steed

Today we’re celebrating Halloween at work so I am currently surrounded by Waldo, a sea captain, a golf player and a zombie. I threw my costume together this morning using stuff I had around the house, namely a shirt I’ve had since high school. You never know when the good ol’ Abercrombie button-up will warrant a wear.


Breakfast today was mmm, mmm good!

My friend Minda gave me a big ol’ box of Brothers-All-Natural fruit crisps after she bought them and wasn’t a big fan (Thanks Minnie Minn!), so I got to try a new flavor.

strawberry banana crisps

Strawberry Banana Crisps

I loved these! The freeze-dried banana was soooo flavorful and tasty. At only 45 calories a pack and one ingredient (freeze dried fruit!), you can’t go wrong.

I used these to beef up my Greek yogurt. I also added a bag of Kay’s Naturals honey almond protein cereal to the mix.

protein cereal

Honey Almond Protein Cereal

This cereal is SOOOOO good. It was my first time trying it and wow-zaaa. It was flavorful, light and oh-so-tasty.

yogurt mix

Overflowin' Yogurt

Can you tell I love cramming as many extra toppings into my Greek yogurt as possible?

yogurt close up

Thick and Crunch-ay!

I’m excited to check out some other costumes around the office today! I love Halloween!

What was your best Halloween costume?

I think my best costume was in sixth grade. I dressed up as the Energizer Bunny in a bright pink sweatsuit with bunny ears, sunglasses and a drum my mom made featuring the Energizer logo.


(Picture from

That night I was a trick-or-treating mad woman. I just kept going and going and going… ๐Ÿ˜‰