Matchy Matchy

When I was little my mom used to dress me and my sister in matchy-matchy sweater sets. We wore color-coordinated sweater sets like they we’re going outta style (which they were 😉 ).

 My mom would be proud of me this evening… I managed to match my dinner.

Eggplant + Eggplant-Colored Skirt

Apparently Sadie was extra-excited about the eggplant matching my skirt and was determined to be a part of every picture I took with the veggie.

"Let Me In!"

I used the perfectly purple eggplant to create a yummy (and cheesy!) dinner of eggplant medallions for me and Ryan to enjoy with a side of roasted veggies.

Eggplant Medallions


My Plate

 Easy peasy! Just how I like it. 😉

Check It Out!

At work today my coworkers and I were having fun playing with the search engine WolframAlpha. We discovered that if you type in your name it will tell you when your name was most popular, how many people are living with your name, etc.

Here are the stats on my name:

  • Most popular in 1969
  • 1 in 2,088 people are named Julie
  • 474,675 people currently living are named Julie
  • 52 is the most common age of a person named Julie

The site will also provide nutritional stats for food, including obscure searches like “one Starburst” (which has 20 calories, FYI), or “10 peanut M&Ms” (103 calories).

It’s oddly entertaining!

If you check out the site, feel free to share stats about your name or other fun finds! 😀