Two Ingredient Crock Pot Chicken

I adore the crock pot. What I do not adore is crock pot recipes that are intense, comprised of a billion ingredients and require cooking before using the crock pot!

To me, the point of the slow cooker is to throw everything into a pot and “fahgettaboudit.”

Ryan and I think our slow cooker pulled pork is one of the best around and the recipe only requires two ingredients: pork and beef broth. Tonight we decided to replicate that recipe using chicken.

Before leaving for work, I threw two very large chicken breasts into the slow cooker and covered the meat with chicken broth. I let the breasts cook on low all day (about 8 hours).

While I prepped the veggies for tonight’s dinner, Ryan (aka my meat man) got to work shredding the chicken with two forks until it was pulled apart and lookin’ fine!

Pulled Chicken

I topped my chicken with BBQ sauce and ended up enjoying it on a Arnold whole wheat sandwich thin. I looooove BBQ pulled chicken sandwiches.

My Plate

BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwich

Two Ingredient Crock Pot Chicken


  • Chicken breasts
  • Chicken broth


Remove any unwanted fat from chicken breasts and place the breasts in the slow cooker. Pour chicken broth over the breasts until covered in broth. Cook on low for 6 – 8 hours. Remove chicken breasts from crock pot and shred with a fork.

Wicked Good Dessert

For dessert I enjoyed a cup of Jello dark chocolate decadence mousse. These lil’ babies are so darn delicious.

Jello Mousse

…And I’m off to read Wicked! A woman at the gym offered to bring me the Wicked soundtrack to listen to before I see the musical. She said she’d bring it for me tomorrow and I hope to give it a listen soon.¬†I love musicals and showtunes. They make me smile! ūüôā


Sweet Stuff

Today my sweet tooth is running rampant! I can’t get enough of the sweet stuff!¬†

After a nice walk around the lake with Ryan and Sadie, I enjoyed a morning meal of lemony fluff. 

Pre-Blended Lemon Bowl

Lemony Jello Bowl


  • One package lemon sugar free jello
  • 3/4 c. cottage cheese


Prepare jello only using one cup of hot water. Do not add the additional cup of cold water as directed on the packaging. After jello hardens, add 3/4 c. cottage cheese and blend until a mousse-like texture is achieved. 

I also enjoyed a chocolate peanut butter sandwich on a whole wheat sandwich thin. 

Chocolate Peanut Butter Sandwich

Peanut Buttery!

After breakfast I hung out in the back yard with Sadie and started reading Wicked while Ryan headed off to soccer practice. 


I am going to see¬† Wicked, the musical on February 6 with my mom and my sister. Ryan actually received tickets for us to see the show from his mom for Christmas, so I will be going again at the end of February as well. I love musicals, so I can’t wait!¬†

The weather is so nice in Orlando today and it was great to spend the majority of the day outside. Ryan had fun at soccer practice and came home hungry. Since my sweet tooth was still going strong, I made us 5 minute chocolate mug cake using a recipe my aunt emailed me yesterday. 

The entire cake is made in a mug and ready to eat within 5 minutes. 

Mug Cake: Step One

Mug Cake: Step Two

Mug Cake: All Done!

The cake was delicious! We enjoyed it with a Healthy Choice fudge bar. Cake and ice cream make the perfect combination. 

Cake and Ice Cream

5 Minute Chocolate Mug Cake 


  • 4¬†tbsp.¬† flour
  • 4¬†tbsp. sugar
  • 2 tbsp. cocoa powder
  • 1 egg
  • 3 tbsp. milk
  • 3 tbsp. oil
  • Splash of vanilla extract
  • Optional: chocolate chips, nuts


Mix all dry ingredients in mug. Stir in egg. Mix in remaining wet ingredients until combined. Microwave on high for three minutes. 

I don’t know if being five minutes away from chocolate cake is a very good thing or a very bad thing… ūüôā¬†

At this rate, my dinner will be cookies and brownies. Anything to satisfy this intense sweet tooth!

Souper Package and Giveaway

When I walked in to my apartment after work today, Ryan informed me that I had one heck of a heavy package waiting for me.

I opened it to find about a billion different kinds¬†of Progresso soup… all with less than 100 calories per serving.

Yay for Packages!

Sadie was also souper excited about this package and made a mess of helped me sort through the packaging.

Sadie Wanted In

Ryan immediately went to work building a beeramid soupamid of all the cans of soup.


(I can’t wait to try the Manhattan clam chowder!)

I also received a Progresso¬†soup¬†mug and a jump rope that keeps track of jumps and calories burned.¬†The soup and fun gifts were sent¬†to me as part of Progresso’s “Souper You Debut” contest.

Here’s some information about the contest from Progresso:

January 4 through March 15, visit to enter the Progresso¬†‚ÄúSouper You Debut‚ÄĚ contest for the chance to win a full makeover in New York City. Three grand prize winners will be awarded a trip for two to New York City from May 21st-23. The prize includes roundtrip airfare, a two-night stay in a NYC hotel, a full makeover, a $1,000 wardrobe shopping spree and personal consultation at a New York department store.

To enter:

  • Go to to learn more and enter the contest
  • Submit your essay (200 characters or less) telling Progresso¬†why you love Progresso Light or 100 Calorie Soups and why you would like a makeover
  • In addition, please submit a photo of yourself that visually reinforces the theme of your essay

Once you enter, you’ll have the chance for your photo and/or an excerpt from your essay to appear on, so be sure to check back frequently! Once the 10 finalists are announced, you can visit from March 29 through April 12 to vote for your favorite.

In addition, throughout the duration of the contest you can visit to download a coupon for $1 off any three varieties of Progresso Soup.

Souper Giveaway

Progresso has also offered to giveaway two cans of soup, a Progresso soup mug and the calorie/jump-counting jump rope to one of you faaaabulous readers! To enter, simply comment on this post telling me what kind of soup is your favorite. Easy peasy.

I will randomly select a winner using’s random integer generator, and will announce the lucky winner tomorrow night.

Dog Park Fun

Since Sadie was a little too enthusiastic about the bubble wrap in the soup package, Ryan and I knew she needed some extra exercise tonight, so we leashed her up for a trip to the dog park.

"Best Ball Everrrr!"

Dog Park Smiles

Sadie was¬†quite the¬†daddy’s girl today and played several rounds of fetch with Ryan.

The Stand Off

"C'mon, Dad... Throw it!


Though the ball-throwing was quite intense, another dog was the real source of excitement at the park today…

Wolf Dog

Yes, that would be a wolf dog. The wolf dog’s owner said she’s 80 percent wolf. She had yellow eyes and even started howling when a fire truck went by and the sirens were blaring. (I wonder if she is a member of the Quileute tribe??? Twilight nerd alert. ;))

Mongolian Beef Dinner

Eventually our bellies told us it was time to head home for dinner. While Ryan did the dishes, I got to work making Mongolian beef using a recipe I tore out of the December 2009 issue of Cooking Light.

Mongolian Beef a la Cooking Light

Mongolian Beef Recipe

(Mama, I finally got to use that hoisin sauce I stole from you! :D)

The sauce was really easy to make and the entire dinner came together in less than 20 minutes.


We topped steamed fresh broccoli with the beef mixture and it was deeeeelish!

My Bowl

Ryan said he thought this recipe would be great with shrimp as well and I totally agree. I see Mongolian shrimp in our future!


Do I even have to say what I had for dessert tonight?

JELLO MOUSSE CUP! Yes, the love affair continues…

Even Sadie is affected:


Thank You for Your Love

Thank you all for your wonderful comments about my new blog design (courtesy of The Blog Fairy). I’m so glad you are smitten with it, just like I am! ūüôā Emily did a wonderful job and was so open to my thoughts and suggestions. If you’re ever in the market for a blog makeover, I highly recommend Miss Emily!

G’night everyone! See ya ma√Īana!

Just Another Meatloaf Monday

Just another manic meatloaf Monday!

As we were grocery shopping yesterday, Ryan picked up a pack of lean ground beef and looked me with a little smile on his face. “Meatloaf???”

How could I not want to make our beloved BBQ meatloaf (that we also made here)? Why would I not want to enjoy this classic comfort food, perfect for this out-of-control cold weather we’re experiencing in Orlando?

While I got to work prepping the loaf, Ryan built another fire in the fireplace. Ooooh warmth!

Pre-Mixed Meatloaf

Once the meatloaf was ready, we piled our plates with the loaf and some steamed broccoli, cauliflower and carrots.

My Plate

This meal is so satisfying. I’ve had a couple of friends make it and everyone has given it rave reviews. Cooking Light makes some mean recipes!


Every now and then I try something that I think will taste pretty decent only to be blown away by how delicious it truly is.

My latest discovery?

Jello Mousse Temptations

Dark chocolate decadence. Do you even have to wonder why I bought this?

I expected the little dessert cup to taste chocolatey and decent, like the other Jello pudding cups, but OH WOW, it was phenomenal and tasted sooooo indulgent.


What foodie product have you recently tried that completely exceeded your expectations?

I’m sure it sounds like I’m Jello’s daughter or something with this little love-fest, but I promise I’ve received $0 or incentives to promote this product… it’s just really that good. It’s rich, creamy, light and airy all at once. Try it, and if you hate it, send it to me. ūüėČ

Your Pet’s Diary

I received this email today and as a dog (and cat!) lover, I just had to laugh and share it with all of you:

What Pets Write in Their Diary

Excerpts from the dog’s diary:


Your Dog's Thoughts

8:00 am – Dog food! My favorite thing!
9:30 am – A car ride! My favorite thing!
9:40 am – A walk in the park! My favorite thing!
10:30 am – Got rubbed and petted! My favorite thing!
12:00 pm – Lunch! My favorite thing!
1:00 pm – Played in the yard! My favorite thing!
3:00 pm – Wagged my tail! My favorite thing!
5:00 pm – Milk Bones! My favorite thing!
7:00 pm – Got to play ball! My favorite thing!
8:00 pm – Wow! Watched TV with the people! My favorite thing!
11:00 pm – Sleeping on the bed! My favorite thing!

Excerpts from the cat’s diary:


Inside Your Cat's Thoughts

Day 983 of my captivity…

My captors continue to taunt me with bizarre little dangling objects.  They dine lavishly on fresh meat, while the other inmates and I are fed hash or some sort of dry nuggets.

Although I make my contempt for the rations perfectly clear, I nevertheless must eat something in order to keep up my strength.

The only thing that keeps me going is my dream of escape.  In an attempt to disgust them, I once again vomit on the carpet.

Today I decapitated a mouse and dropped its headless body at their feet. ¬†I had hoped this would strike fear into their hearts, since it clearly demonstrates what I am capable of. ¬†However, they merely made condescending comments about what a ‘good little hunter’ I am. ¬†Bastards.

There was some sort of assembly of their accomplices tonight. ¬†I was placed in solitary confinement for the duration of the event. ¬†However, I could hear the noises and smell the food. ¬†I overheard that my confinement was due to the power of ‘allergies.’ ¬†I must learn what this means and how to use it to my advantage.

Today I was almost successful in an attempt to assassinate one of my tormentors by weaving around his feet as he was walking. ¬†I must try this again tomorrow — but at the top of the stairs.

I am convinced that the other prisoners here are flunkies and snitches.  The dog receives special privileges. He is regularly released Рand seems to be more than willing to return.  He is obviously retarded.

The bird has got to be an informant. ¬†I observe him communicating with the guards regularly. ¬†I am certain that he reports my every move. ¬†My captors have arranged protective custody for him in an elevated cell, so he is safe. ¬†For now…

Yogurt Pudding

Doesn’t this picture totally look like a first day of school pic?

Me & Mah Lunch Bag

My mom would always make me and my sister pose for a first day of school photo when we were growing up. Ryan snapped this pic of me this morning so I could show you my snazzy lunch bag (gotta love reusing Bath & Body Works bags!) and I laughed when I uploaded it because it’s totally cheesy.

My lunch bag changes… when one bag finally rips, I take a new one out of my little bag storage. It’s a great way to use those random shopping bags that we typically toss when we get home.

I’m amazed at how excited I get when I buy something and the cashier puts my purchase in a bag that’s the perfect size for my lunch. It’s the little things that matter most, right?

Today my lunch bag actually doesn’t even contain my lunch! I only filled it with my breakfast and two snacks because Ryan and I are meeting for a hot lunch date today since he has the day off.

Ryan has every other Friday off work because everyone at his company works a 9/80 work schedule… meaning he works five nine-hour days one week and four nine-hour days the next week, with that Friday off. Sweet deal, huh?

Would you prefer a 9/80 work schedule or the traditional 10/80?

I would gladly embrace a 9/80 schedule since I’m at work for nine hours most days anyway. How nice would a three day weekend every other week be? I won’t complain because I feel so fortunate to honestly love my job, but that schedule would be pretty sweet.


As I anticipated after last night’s delicious (& healthy!) dessert, I decided to make my yogurt pudding for breakfast this morning.

Chocolate Yogurt Pudding

I mixed a big spoonful of Jello instant chocolate pudding mix into my Greek yogurt and this thick, sweet and decadent lil’ chocolate bowl o’ fun was the result. SO good. You must try this.

Earlier this week I made yogurt pudding using butterscotch instant pudding mix and it was phenomenal as well. I can’t wait to try cheesecake yogurt pudding!

For breakfast I also enjoyed cinnamon “chips” that I made by baking a torn up Joseph’s lavash bread in the oven and a tumbler of my gym’s free coffee. They still have Barnie’s Santa’s White Christmas coffee and I had to take advantage!

Friday Breakfast

Yummy, yummy, yummy, I’ve got love in my tummy! (<– What’s that from???)

Happy Friday!!!