Clammed Up

Seafood may be one of my best friends.


Our relationship began when I was very young. Since several of you seemed to enjoy my “What did you do today to be a boss and a leader” story about my dad, here’s another charming tale involving my father.

In first grade we had to fill out a questionnaire about our favorite things. One of the questions I had to fill out asked me about my favorite food and my favorite restaurant. My reply? “I love going to Hooters to eat clams with my dad.” Yes, that Hooters.

The One and Only

Classy response for a first grader, huh?

As you can see, my love for seafood runs deep. Tonight I used canned clams as the inspiration for my meal. I paired the clammies with spinach, mushrooms, pasta and Parmesan cheese for a delicious noodle bowl.

Clammy Pasta

With Lots of Parm!

I ate while Sadie watched. 😀

"Wanna share, Mama?"

I did let her lick the bowl clean (once I made sure it was mushroom free… mushrooms are a no-go for dogs).

Ryan is at a soccer game tonight so I will be using this alone time to do some dishes before reading some more of the first Sookie Stackhouse book. 

G’night all! Yay for Friday tomorrow!