Moustaches + Miller Lite

Movember was a success! Almost everyone from our office showed up sportin’ ‘staches to raise money for men’s health (specifically the Lance Armstrong Foundation).

The guys looked amazing with their perfectly coiffed facial hair.

The Guys

Even the girls got into it!

The Ladies

Before heading out to happy hour I picked Ryan up. When we arrived we immediately fastened on our faux facial hair.

Sexy, no?

Don’t I look like Colonel Sanders?

My fake moustache was shedding throughout the night. I had gray hair in my nose!

Delayed Dinner

After a few Miller Lites (my beer of choice) and a Jack and Coke for for Ryan, our tummies began to grumble. Nothing sounds better after a few beers than greasy pizza, so that’s just what we got!

Greasy, Cheesy, Yummy Pizza

My healthy side kicked in and I ordered a house salad to round out the meal.


Both were good! I loved the garlic knot they included with the salad. 😀

While we were waiting for our order to come out, I spotted a Sylvester Stallone look alike. I tried to be sneaky and snap a picture. To get his attention I made random whistle noises. We could not stop laughing! Ryan told me, “He’s not a dog! You can’t just clap and whistle to get his attention!”

Apparently it worked though… check this out!

Sylvester Stallone???


 Pretty close, huh?

Has anyone ever told you that you look like a celebrity?

I’ve been told I look like several random celebrities (though I never seem to see the resemblance). The one I hear most often is Amy Smart.

Amy Smart

Aside from the blonde hair we share, when we both smile we have squinty eyes. Beyond that I don’t see too much of a resemblance. I like her though, so I’ll take it! 🙂

The Santa Clause

We’re takin’ it easy the rest of the night. Our lateset NetFlix DVD, The Santa Clause, arrived today so it’s movie night!

See ya in the mornin’!

Fuzzy Pasta

Gross post title, huh?

Fortunately my lunchtime pasta wasn’t actually fuzzy, but the picture of it sure is. Grrr, camera.

Pasta Lunch

Someone at work borrowed my camera and now the settings are all off. I’ll be playing around with it this weekend to get it back in action. Fortunately I have an amazing DSLR camera at home that Ryan’s mom has been letting me borrow for the past month or so. (In case you’ve noticed, this explains why my dinner photographs are much prettier than my daytime snap shots.) Why-oh-why can’t DSLR cameras be $30? 😦

Aside from the cruddy picture, my lunch was quite delicious! I enjoyed Carba Nada egg fettuccine noodles topped with marinara and spinach.

Movember + Moustache

Today is quite the unusual day in my office. All the men have been growing facial hair for more than a month now in honor of Movember (moustache + November), a charity raising money for men’s health.

Today is the day they’ve taken the razor to their beards to fashion outrageous moustaches, goatees, etc. It’s quite the site and it’s very hard to take anyone serious today.

After work we’re all going to happy hour to celebrate the end of Movember. The women even have some adhesive moustaches to adorn for the evening. I selected the “grandpa” moustache since it was gray and best matched my blonde hair.

Do you like men with or without facial hair?

I like Ryan with a little stubble. I think it’s so cute! I asked him about the light stubble look for our wedding and unfortunately I think it’s a no-go. Oh well. I’m sure that in 20 years I’ll probably appreciate a clean-shaven groom in our wedding pictures. 🙂