Guy’s Guy

I love a guy’s guy. A basketball-shorts wearin’, hamburger eatin’, football watchin’ man. ūüėÄ Fortunately that’s just what Ryan is.

Ryan is not one to fuss over his hair or try on numerous outfits before we go out. In fact he’s so laid back about his hair that he lets me cut it.

This evening our backyard became a mini-barbershop as I trimmed and cut his hair.

Backyard Barbershop

In less than 10 minutes Ryan was rockin’ his short and easy ‘do.

Freshly Cut

I think he’s so handsome. ūüėČ


For dinner this evening, I made us Asian salads because it was H-O-T outside and we wanted something cold.

Our salads contained:

  • Spinach
  • Chopped cabbage
  • Zucchini
  • Water chestnuts
  • Shrimp
  • Asian sesame dressing

My favorite part of the salads were the water chestnuts.

Water Chestnuts

What are water chestnuts? A vegetable? A weed? I dunno, but they’re delicious!


With Asian Sesame Dressing

My Bowl

This cold dinner was perfect after sweatin’ a bit while taking Sadie on a 2.5 mile walk. Sadie actually got another one-mile walk after dinner, putting her total mileage today at 8.5 miles (including our morning 5-mile run). She is currently bringing us toy after toy to play with because apparently 8.5 miles is child’s play to her. ūüėÄ

I’m off watch the second half of So You Think You Can Dance on DVR with Ryan! Love this show. I wish I could dance…

Question of the Evening

  • Do you prefer¬†a guy’s guy or a metrosexual¬†guy?

Backyard Haircut

Since BodyPump totally dominated my morning post, lemme catch you up! 

(Special thanks to Vee, who is in the process of becoming a certified BodyPump instructor, for requesting a BodyPump post!) 


I kept breakfast light this morning since I was heading out to the gym within 30 minutes of¬†waking, and didn’t want to feel like a two-ton whale.¬†

I’m not someone who can workout¬†on a completely full belly. I do much better on light fuel because a full belly makes me cramp up or want to curl up and go to sleep, neither of which are conducive to a good workout!¬†

This morning’s breakfast was brownie batter hot cereal.¬†


The mix included: 

  • 1 serving Flax-Z-Snax chocolate cream hot cereal
  • 1 scoop All the Whey chocolate peanut butter cup protein powder
  • 1 tbsp. cocoa powder
  • Water

Microwaved for 90 seconds, stirring regularly to prevent ooooverflow…¬†

"A Spoonful of Chocolate Helps the Medicine Go Doooown..."

Brownie Batter Hot Cereal

This combination is so rich and chocolatey. I think I could bathe in this stuff. ūüėȬ†

After the gym, I came home, grabbed a Balance Bar, and took Sadie on a walk around the lake near our apartment. 

"Walk Me!"

There was a festival with lots of different arts and crafts and food vendors surrounding the lake. 


"I Saw the Sign"

I loved the sign that read, “If we are what we eat, I’m fast, easy and cheap.” ūüėĬ†

I think my sign would say, “If we are what we eat, I’m cheesy, fruity and sweet!”¬†

While walking around, Sadie and I both enjoyed a free sample of kettle corn. That stuff is dang delicious! 

I stopped to say hi to some of the dogs up for adoption and fell in love with these two pups: 

Puppy Eyes

Brody Look-a-Like

The second one reminded me so much of my friend Minda’s dog, Brody. He was adorable!¬†

Here’s the name of the rescue in case any of you out there live in Florida and want to adopt one of these cuties:¬†

A New Beginning Pet Rescue

When we arrived home from our walk, I was huuuungry. 

I made myself a bowl of roasted Nasoya tofu, broccoli and zucchini, ricotta cheese and marinara meat sauce. 

Veggies + Tofu

Cheese + Sauce

Stirred Up

Wanna know something crazy? I didn’t know you could bake tofu until like a month ago. Well you can, and it’s delicious!¬†

Backyard Haircut 

After lunch, Ryan and I headed to the backyard to catch some rays. 

Taking Pictures in a Mirror is Hard...

Another Mirror Pic Fail... Practicing on Sadie...

We both got antsy after a while and Ryan asked me if I would give him a haircut. 

Trusting, no? 

Of course I agreed. Check out Barber Julie’s masterpiece:¬†

Sad Long-Haired Boy

Happy Short-Haired Boy

Ryan's Please Stop Taking My Picture Face

Ryan now owes me $25, but I may settle for some soft serve. ūüėȬ†

Today’s Plans¬†

The rest of our Saturday will be spent running errands to work out some kinks with our cable box (ugh), and tracking down people on craigslist to get a boxspring and a mattress for the bed in our guest room! 

Catch ya lataaa.

Sick Boy Soup

Poor Ryan stayed home from work today with a nasty cough, drippin’ nose and exhausted body. He spent the majority of the day sleeping with faithful Sadie by his side. I’m sure she was thrilled to have a cuddle buddy all day!

Little Sadie Girl

Soup for a Sick Boy

When I got home from work, I grabbed my grocery list and Ryan and I picked up some fresh veggies and goods for the week.

My Grocery List

We bought everything necessary for homemade chicken soup. At the first sign of sickness, I always crave a bowl of the good stuff. Tonight¬†Ryan and I¬†made a bubblin’ pot of soup full of vitamin-rich veggies to soothe his sickness.

The base for the soup was a box of chicken broth mixed with two cups of water and a packet of Knorr vegetable mix for tasty seasoning.

Cookin' Sick Boy Soup

Ryan added in thick pieces of chicken breast meat and let the chicken cook in the broth while I sliced and diced the veggies. Included in this soup was an onion, carrots, celery and portobello mushrooms.

Chopped Fresh Veggies

After adding the veggies to the pot, we let the soup simmer on low while I escaped to Great Clips for a haircut.

Gotta love cheap-o hair cuts! I’m not adventurous with my hairstyling at all. I’ve never dyed my hair and it’s been cut the same way for years. It’s kinda hard to mess up a half-inch trim, so I faithfully trust the Great Clips experts!

With freshly trimmed locks, I headed home to pour Ryan and myself two big bowls of homemade soup.

Big Ol' Bowl of Soup

We slurped and slurped until our bowls were empty and our bellies were warm. Yummy dinn-ah!

Unpacking and Cleaning

Remember that cleaning I said needed to happen last night? Well, I definitely neglected my duties and will be paying for it tonight.

I hate unpacking… even if it’s just from a weekend stay in St. Pete. My blue duffel haunts me until I empty it. The best unpacking experience occurs when all your clothes are dirty and you can just dump everything in the laudry basket. Not so this time since I didn’t wear 75 percent of the clothing I brought along for our weekend visit to my parent’s house. Oh well… unpacking here I come!

Last Chance

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