Anthropologie, I Want to Own You

Today’s errands took us to the Mall at Millenia, an upscale mall halfway between downtown Orlando and the Disney area.

For those of you who think Orlando is basically Disney World, think again! Orlando is huge and it can take you 45 minutes to drive from one end of Orlando to the other. Disney World is actually located in Kissimmee, which is about 30 minutes from downtown.

We paid a visit to the Mall at Millenia because I wanted to nab some blush (in “Peaches”) from M.A.C, after I tried my friend Leah’s and loved it.

While at the mall, Ryan and I stopped by Starbucks to pick up some beverages.

I enjoyed a vanilla latte while Ryan ordered a non-fat Tazo Chai Creme Frappuccino. He saved all of the whipped cream ‘til the end and let me do my thang. I LOVE whipped cream.

anthropologie 007

anthropologie 006

I could eat an entire can of heavy whipped cream in one sitting. No problem.

After enjoying our Starbucks treats we headed to Anthropologie.

I think my heart stopped.

Ryan and I browsed around for a bit and I declared that I wanted to outfit our bedroom and bathroom in Anthropologie linens, towels, shower curtains, pillows and more.  After asking the woman at the registry if we could register at the store for our wedding she sad, sadly, no. But! But we can create a “wish list” and give our wedding guests access to it.

Somethin’ to think about since basically the entire store is out of our budget.

While there, I couldn’t resist playin’ a little dress up with their adorable aprons.

anthropologie 003

Look at me! I’m Susie Julie Homemaker!

How cute is that initial mug?

Ryan even struck an “artsy” pose with his respective mug.

anthropologie 001 

And to save his dignity, here he is sportin’ a manly-man smile…

anthropologie 002

…while still holding the mug. Maybe not so manly-man, after all? 😉

Once we were done at the mall, we drove back toward our apartment and swung by Lombardi’s Seafood, Inc. to pick up some fresh fish for dinner.

Lombardi’s is a hole-in-the-wall seafood marketplace that provides seafood to area restaurants, but also sells fish to the public to enjoy.

anthropologie 008

anthropologie 009

Can you spot Ryan standing in front of our car?

(Okay, how many of you just thought to yourself “Oh my goodness. Julie drives a minivan!?” Gotcha! 😉 )

At Lombardi’s we bought some grouper and snapper and decided to cook up the grouper for dinner this evening.

Ryan was the grill master and cooked the fish, along with some zucchini, in a foil packet after seasoning it with lemon juice, salt and pepper.

anthropologie 013

Yes, he grills topless. It was 95 degrees outside and I like it. 😉

Sadie didn’t seem to mind the heat one bit and hunted lizards in our backyard as dinner cooked on the grill.

anthropologie 011 

anthropologie 012

After about 12 minutes, our foil-packet fish was ready.

anthropologie 014

Ryan did a great job. The fish was moist and flavorful. Grouper is one of my favorite kinds of fish, so I gobbled this dinner down in no time flat!

anthropologie 020

anthropologie 019

Now it’s time for dessert.

Please excuse me as Ryan and I head off to Dairy Queen for Blizzards!

Enjoy your night! 😀

Wedding Day Hair and Makeup Trial

What a whirlwind of a day!

Our wedding invitations are all printed. Hallelujah! Now it’s time to get crafty with the glue gun and make some labels and get these bad boys in the mail.

Though getting the invites printed felt like a great accomplishment, one wedding-related decision that has been stressing me out was officially settled today, as well… My hair!

I’ve been flip flopping back and forth as to whether to wear my hair up or down on the big day. I like my hair better down but it doesn’t hold curl or waves for very long, which concerns me. I didn’t want my hair to look overly hair sprayed if I wore it down and had it hair sprayed a lot in an effort to keep it curled.

I also really love the look of romantic and “un-done” up-dos, and Ryan loves my hair up. I love when brides wear their hair up because I think it shows off the neckline of the bridal gown, so wearing my hair off my shoulders also seemed like a good option.

I headed out to my hair and make-up trial with a make-up free face and five pictures of different hair styles I thought might look good for the big day.

make up & hair trial 004

No make up… AH! 😀

Once there, I sat down and explained my thoughts about my hair to the hair stylist. She suggested we try styling it down, and then see what it looks like swept up so I could see both options.

My hair is really, really thin, so when I saw it in loose waves, it looked almost stringy.

When we moved on to the up do, I fell in love.

The woman did an excellent job of following the picture I brought along with me.

In the end my hair resembled this picture a bit, but looked slightly less “loose.”


I don’t want to post a picture of my hair from the front on the blog because I don’t want Ryan to see it, but here’s a picture from the back:

make up & hair trial 008

I will not have that flower in my hair on our wedding day, but I will have a pale pink large rose flower in its place.

I feel like this hairstyle will be perfect, because you can see it from the front, which makes it look like I actually have hair. I always feel like I look like a little boy in pictures when my hair is pulled back, so this option, which allows hair to show from the front, was a perfect fit. I won’t fidget with it and I know Ryan will love the fact that it’s up.



After the trial, my mom and I headed back to my parents’ house for dinner.

On our way home we saw the most adorable doe and two little fawns!

make up & hair trial 009

make up & hair trial 010

They were so teeny and even had spots!

Once home, my mom made a delicious dinner of grouper that my dad caught in a spear fishing tournament yesterday (talk about fresh!) and steamed veggies with a little bit of butter. I also made us a batch of cornbread muffins to enjoy.

make up & hair trial 014

make up & hair trial 012

I went back for seconds of the fish and had another cornbread muffin as well.


Heading Back

After dinner we piled into Ryan’s car and headed back to Orlando.

make up & hair trial 016

When we arrived home, a long, cylindrical package was propped against our front door.

Check out the goods!!!

make up & hair trial 020

I received this poster as a gift from Barb of The Lobster Pot, whose store on Etsy I just adore. I ordered a Keep Calm and Love Vizslas print from Barb a month or so ago and she was wonderful to work with. I love that she made this blog-lovin’ print in pink! So cute. Thank you Barb!

Now I’m off to unpack before getting in bed early. I’m exhausted!

G’night all!