A Dog, a Walk and a Dinner Date

Combine those three things and you’ve got yourself a DogWalkDinnerDate. 😉

Since the weather wasn’t too frigid outside, Ryan and I decided to take Sadie for a 2.5 mile walk around the lake by our apartment, stopping at Panera halfway through for some dinn-ah! (Gotta love Panera gift cards! 😀 )

Posin' by the Lake

You Pick Two

Sadie was obviously not allowed in Panera, and it was too chilly outside to eat on the patio, so we brown-bagged our grub and brought it home to continue our DogWalkDinnerDate in our cozy lil’ kitchen.

Brown Baggin' It

I always order the You Pick Two option and generally select either a half-salad or half-sandwich to enjoy with a hot bowl of Panera’s tasty soup. Today I opted for a half-sandwich with my soup, and selected the Smokehouse Turkey panini (hold the bacon).

Smoked turkey breast, smoked bacon, smoked cheddar & sun-dried tomato ale mustard grilled hot on our Artisan Three Cheese bread.

Smokehouse Turkey Panini

Smokehouse Turkey Sandwich

Artisan three cheese bread = phenomenal.

After debating between several different kinds of soup, I ultimately suck with the ol’ fallback: chicken noodle. You can’t go wrong!

Chicken Noodle Soup

What do you typically order at Panera?

I love hearing what people order at different restaurants. It always inspires me to try something new!

Ryan and I requested apples instead of the bag of chips and it was the perfect touch of sweetness at the end of the meal.

An Apple a Day...

Of course that wasn’t enough of a dessert for me, so I popped open a cup of my obsession.

Jello Dark Chocolate Mousse

The perfect way to end a meal. 🙂

Giveaway Winner

I selected the winner of the Progresso prize pack giveaway using Random.org’s random number integer generator, and the winning comment came from Dena who said,

“I’m all for chicken noodle soup! Yummm :)

Dena, please email me (pbfingers@gmail.com) with your address so Progresso can ship your your prize pack. Congrats!