So Here’s the Thing…

So here’s the thing: I don’t really like watching football.

I do, however, enjoy everything that comes along with football season. I love parties, tailgating, lazy Sundays and dressing up to support your team. I also really like attending football games because the energy and excitement is contagious and I’m a huge fan of classic stadium food like hot dogs, kettle corn, nachos and oversized draft beer.

When I got home from laying out by the pool this afternoon, I found Ryan and Sadie on the couch taking in the first University of Florida football game of the season.

turkey sandwich 012

Ryan got his MBA at UF and my sister is currently a senior at the university (and is actually at the game today along with my mom and dad).

I really love having football games on in the background at home. For some reason the sounds of a college or NFL game remind me of home and make me feel relaxed. Strange, I know.

While Ryan took in the game, I made us a simple lunch.

turkey sandwich 001

On the menu today:

  • Turkey sandwich with honey mustard and baby greens
  • Sliced apple
  • String cheese

It was a lunch fit for a 5th grader… or a 26-year-old guy and 25-year-old girl. 😉

turkey sandwich 002

turkey sandwich 006

Is honey mustard a southern thing? I never heard of it until I moved to Florida and now I absolutely adore it. Honey mustard can seriously transform a sandwich. So tasty!

Now I’m off to shower up before we pile into my car to run some errands and pick up somethin’ special for dinner.

Hope you’re enjoying this holiday weekend so far. 😀

Question of the Afternoon

Are you a football fan?