Post That Nutritional Info!

Hooray for HoneyBaked Ham!

Ryan’s mom sent us home with a large bag of leftover HoneyBaked Ham from yesterday’s big Easter lunch. Ryan enjoyed a big ham and cheese sandwich for dinner last night which inspired my lunch today.

I wanted a ham sandwich!

Monday's Lunch

I enjoyed my sandwich with a side of roasted turnip fries and ketchup.

Turnip Fries + Ham Sandwich

For dessert I dug into my Easter candy and enjoyed two Dove dark chocolate eggs.

Dark Chocolate Eggs

So smooth and so creamy!

Free Chavrie Goat Cheese

Are you a cheese love-ah?

Chavrie Cheese

Click here to receive a free sample of Chavrie goat cheese. Yum!

Posting Nutritional Information

How did I miss this!?

Apparently a couple weeks ago, a new health law was passed that will require chain restaurants with more than 20 locations, such as Starbucks and McDonald’s, to post calorie information on their menus and drive through signs.

Additionally, nutritional information must be displayed for foods sold in vending machines.

This information should be available as soon as 2011.

How do you feel about restaurants posting nutritional information?

I think this is awesome. With the growing rate of obesity in the United States, I think it is so important for people to have adequate nutritional information to make educated decisions about what they choose to put into their bodies. Whether they choose to ignore the information is up to them, but at least it’s out there and visible.

Ugachaka, Ugachaka

I can’t stop this feelin’, Deep insiiiide of me
Girl, you just don’t realize, What you do to me
When you hold me, In your arms so tight
You let me know, Everything’s all right

I-I-I, I’m hooked on a feelin’
I’m high on believin’, That you’re in love with meeee!

I heard this song on the radio on the way to work this morning and can’t get it out of my head! I’m not complaining though because I loooove it!

What song can you never get out of your head?

You know that terrible song by Adam Lambert, “Whataya Want From Me?” Gahhh, that’s the worst one for me because I don’t like it and yet I can’t stop singing it once I hear it!


I “ugachaka-ed” my way through lunch today!

My mid-day meal was a roasted red pepper hummus and artichoke sandwich with a side of roasted veggies with garlic salt.

Hummus + Artichoke Sandwich

Thursday's Lunch


While my meal was yummy, it was my dessert that stole the show.

I give myself a pat on zee back for this one.

I dipped a coffee bean dark chocolate Attune bar into a hot mug of General Foods International French Vanilla Café.

Coffee Bean Dark Chocolate Attune Bar

When I Dip, You Dip, We Dip

The chocolate melted a little bit and definitely satisfied my sweet tooth. I love day desserts. 😀


I cannot believe how yummy the recipes you guys are submitting look!!! I’m literally drooling at my desk today.

If any of you are looking for a yummy recipe, click here and check out the comments section of my dinner post last night. The recipe roundup is awesome!