Unpacking & Organizing

I have a feeling that this will be my life for the next several days: unpacking and organizing (and decorating – Yay!)!

Ryan and I have made great headway unpacking the many boxes that are all over our new apartment.

There are still quite a few stragglers that I don’t want to unpack because I have no clue where I want to put the contents, or we’re waiting on some new additions (like a desk!) that will serve as a new home for the stuff. All in good time!

Does clutter bother you or can you just ignore it?

Growing up my room was always messy. My sister was the neat-freak and I just couldn’t grasp how someone could feel stressed out over a mess!

Fast forward eight years and I am that person! I really cannot stand when our apartment looks junky. It eats away at me now!


I knew Ryan and I had plans to take Sadie on a long walk before hittin’ up the grocery store after work today, so I wanted to make sure our dinner tonight was one that we could assemble in a flash.

Thank goodness for the crockpot!

We enjoyed a yummy meal of BBQ pulled chicken with Green Giant healthy vision veggies.

BBQ Pulled Chicken


Dinner Time!

We needed some nutritious fuel to last us though a night that’s sure to be filled with more unpacking and perhaps the construction of the chest of drawers we bought from IKEA yesterday.

I’m thinking a new apartment tour will be in order once we’re fully unpacked!