Spinning and Swirling

This morning stated off freezing but got sweaty real quick!

Ryan and I are lucky to live across the street from our gym, so we sprinted there to avoid too much time in the frigid Florida weather. I had plans to meet a friend for spinning at 6 a.m. and did a quick 10 min. warm up on the stair master before taking the class.

Spinning Bike

I forgot how much I like spinning. My relationship with spinning is either hot or cold. I go all the time… or not at all. For one reason or another, I will stop taking spinning for a while, then take a class again randomly only to realize what a fantastic work out it can be. The obsession then begins once again.

We’ll see if another spinning love affair is in the works after today’s class!

What workout makes you the sweatiest?

I can run a billion miles but I will still be sweatier and more red in the face following a spinning class. What gives?


Aside from making me drip buckets and buckets of sweat, spinning also makes me hungry.

This morning I enjoyed a big bowl of Flax-Z-Snax hot cereal with several spoonfuls of my homemade microwaveable cranberry sauce swirled in.

Hot Cereal Topped with Cranberry Sauce

(I added more cranberry sauce after this picture. 😉 )

I’m off to make another cup of hot tea! I’m such a baby with this cold weather.

Flaxy Lunch

I didn’t want any of the traditional lunch fare when lunchtime rolled around today. Instead I wanted breakfast… again!

I enjoyed a big ol’ bowl of vanilla almond Flax-z-Snax hot cereal with a scoop of peanut butter and sliced strawberries.

Vanilla Almond Flax Hot Cereal with Peanut Butter

With Added Strawberries

I also enjoyed a chocolate chip and pecan cookie for dessert.

Cookie Monster

It was a goooood lunch! I loved the sliced strawberries.

Apparently I’m in a fruity mood because my mid-morning snack featured fruit as well. Last night I made cranberry sauce (using my microwave method) and stirred some into some Greek yogurt for a tasty snack around 11 a.m.

Homemade Cranberry Sauce

Pretty 'n' Pink

Gosh, this kind of looks like soft-serve strawberry ice cream, huh? If only… 😉

I feel like I frequently want my meals out of order. I love spaghetti for breakfast, pancakes and eggs for dinner and oatmeal for lunch.

Do you eat the typical foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Ridiculous or Really Awesome?


My lunchtime wrap was a meal fit for the day after Thanksgiving.

I know it’s nearly Christmas, but since I discovered that you can make cranberry sauce in the microwave, I’m still ridin’ high on cranberry sauce love.

Today my lunch was a slightly revised version of my favorite post-Thanksgiving meal: a turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce.

Yummy Cranberry Sauce

I used a Tam-x-ico’s low carb wheat wrap as my base and smothered it with a creamy Laughing Cow light Swiss cheese wedge before adding cranberry sauce and deli sliced turkey.

Turkey and Cranberry Roll Up


I had this for lunch yesterday and once again it was delicious! I’m a simple creature, apparently. 🙂

Can you eat the same foods over and over again?

Ryan can. I’m convinced he could exist on the same food for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a year. His meals would be:

  • Breakfast: Two scrambled eggs and oatmeal with a scoop of peanut butter
  • Snack: Protein bar
  • Lunch: Turkey sandwich or salad
  • Snack: Cottage cheese and yogurt
  • Snack: Protein shake
  • Dinner: Whatever random recipe I’m cravin’ 😉
  • Snack: Cottage cheese and yogurt (round two!)
  • Snack: Protein shake

Yes, that’s eight meals. He’s a growin’ boy! I like a man that can eat. Fortunately for me, Ryan likes a girl who can hold her own at the dinner table too. 😀

I can’t eat the same thing every day. I tend to overeat certain foods when I find something new I love. I be come so obsessed with my latest tasty treat that eventually it loses its luster… kinda like a new song on the radio that gets overplayed.

Rudolph Your Car

I called Ryan on my way to work today to tell him about my latest holiday discovery.

I’ve been kind of bummed this year because I purchased enough holiday decor in the past to adequately decorate our apartment. I haven’t been able to buy any fun decorations for fear that our place would look like an indoor version of the Griswold’s house.

Bling, Bling

I think it’s time to move on to decorating something else… my car!

I called Ryan the minute a gorgeous blue mini-van pulled up next to me sportin’ these bad boys:

Rudolph Car

How cool is that!?

Ryan told me I was ridiculous and would look like a 24-year-old soccer mom if I Rudolph-ed up my SUV.

I think it’s FABULOUS, and for $14.99, you can’t go wrong.

Also, good news for Ryan, I found other car costumes he can buy to sport some holiday cheer too!

Happy Holidays!

So now I gotta ask… Whose side are you on? Is this ridiculous or really awesome?

Behind on Breakfast

This morning I opted to dedicate my a.m. post to this awesome giveaway (be sure to enter!), so I have some catchin’ up to do since my breakfast post was severely neglected.

Last night I made homemade cranberry sauce in the microwave. Didn’t know that was possible? Me neither, but it is! Oh joy.

Beautiful, Shiny Cranberries

Beautiful, Shiny Cranberries

To make my homemade sauce, I combined a bag of fresh cranberries and water in a bowl and microwaved it on high for 3 minutes, stirred and microwaved it for another 3 minutes or so until the cranberries popped open, releasing their flava!

I stirred in just enough sugar to make it taste slighty sweet and take some of the bitter punch out of the sauce. I ate a bucket-load of warm cranberry sauce as my dessert after dinner last night. It was so good!


Needless to say, I just had to incorporate my homemade cranberry sauce into my breakfast.

Today’s breakfast included:

  • 1/2 c. cottage cheese
  • 1/2 c. homemade cranberry sauce
  • 1/2 sliced apple

Apple-Topped Cranberry Cottage Cheese

Even though this wasn’t that large of a breakfast, it really filled me up! I think it must have been all the fiber from the cranberries and the apple.

Wednesday's Breakfast

I’m incorporating the cranberry sauce into my lunch wrap today too (whole wheat tortilla, Laughing Cow Swiss cheese, turkey and cranberry sauce). Yum.

Google Reader Issue

Are my posts showing up in your Google Reader? They aren’t for me and it’s making me a lil’ peeved. 😦 Any thoughts on how to fix this… I am not computer savvy!

Popcorn and Almond Giveaway

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway of several 100 calorie packs of Pop Secret popcorn and Emerald almonds. YUMMY! I’ll announce the winner in the mornin’ so don’t delay!