Be Your Own Olympian

I read an interesting article today in the Health & Fitness section of, offering average people tips on how to train like an Olympian.

  • Set a goal and break it down
  • Cross train
  • Work out with others
  • Utilize people who can help you (a trainer, nutritionist, physical therapist, etc.)

I wish I had a nutritionist, or better yet, a personal chef, to “utilize.”  Ryan and I ask each other “would you rather” questions all the time, and one of my past favorites is, “Would you rather have a personal trainer or a personal chef?”

This was an easy one for both of us… Personal chef! I would love to have someone make nutritious and delicious meals for me. How sweet would that be!? I think I would miss cooking and baking a bit though…

Now it’s your turn:

Would you rather have a personal trainer or a personal chef?

Aren’t “would you rather” questions fun? 😀

Mid Morning Snack

My breakfast sandwich was tasty, but not too filling. I dug into my mid morning snack a bit early today.

Peanutty Yogurt

I ate a small handful of peanuts before sprinkling a few on top of a cup of Fage Greek yogurt.

I think Fage is my favorite brand of Greek yogurt. It tastes the thickest to me, which is my main criteria for good tastin’ yogurt.

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When I made pasta for lunch yesterday, I made extra to pack in my lunch today.

Pasta Bowl

This particular pasta bowl had lots of veggies mixed in, plus several shakes of Parmesan cheese.

Is pasta even pasta without Parmesan cheese???

Egg-cellent Salad

My lunchtime salad was eggcellent!

I haven’t made egg salad in forever. I took the time to make some hard-boiled eggs Sunday night and used four of the hard-boiled egg whites to make my long lost egg salad for lunch today.

My egg salad recipe is super simple:

  • 4 egg whites, chopped
  • 1 tbsp. Light Miracle Whip
  • 1 tbsp. relish
  • 1 squirt of mustard

Pre-Mixed Egg Salad

Sometimes I’ll use two egg whites and one whole egg, but I wasn’t feelin’ the yolk today.

I enjoyed my egg salad on a Joseph’s lavash bread with two big handfuls of spinach.

Egg Salad

Egg Salad with Spinach

I prepared this bad boy in the break room so my coworkers wouldn’t beat me for stinkin’ up the joint.

Note: Never eat tuna or egg salad at your desk. You will make life-long enemies if you do.

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