You Choose: Wedding Day Clutch

“Back to school, back to school, to prove to Dad that I’m not a fool…” (Name that movie!)

Last week was my sister’s first week back at school.

I remember feeling rejuvenated at the start of the school year. I would attend my classes determined to take thorough notes in my best hand writing in my brand new notebooks.

Throughout the year, my notes became more abbreviated and my handwriting became sloppier, but hey, as long as my grades stayed high, that’s all that really matters, right?

There’s just something about the start of something new. Whether it be a new school year, new month, new season, new job… Something about beginning a new adventure feels motivating and exciting.

I have a good feeling about the month of September. 😀 Happy September 1!


My good September vibes carried over into my lunch today.

Chicken Salad

I enjoyed a homemade chicken salad wrap with a side of grape tomatoes and cucumber slices.

The Spread

I prepared the chicken salad by combining:

  • 3 oz. canned chicken
  • 1 tbsp. light Miracle Whip (mayo will also work)
  • ½ Granny Smith apple, chopped

After topping a whole wheat tortilla with baby greens and the chicken salad, my meal was good to go.

Wraaap It Up

Git in mah belly! 😀

Wedding Day Clutch

I would now like to address the most unimportant decision I will make related to planning our wedding: My wedding-day purse.

I want to have a small clutch on my big day to hold little essentials like tissues and lip gloss and am currently torn between the following options:

Option A:

Option A

Option B:

Option B

Option C:

Option C

Option D:

Ariel! I Love you!

Which one would you choose?

(Totally kidding about Option D, by the way. 😉 )