Back to Business

After four glorious days off work, it’s back to the grind today. Fortunately we’re easing our way back into the work week since we are only working four days as New Years Day falls on a Friday this year. Yay!

Today started off like a normal Monday with a good workout and a nice walk with Sadie. Ryan was able to join me and Sadie on our morning walk since he has the whole week off of work. Lucky boy, huh?

Meringue Breakfast

I was anxious to break into one of the three boxes of  Divine Meringues I received for Christmas, so I jumped at the opportunity to incorporate them into my breakfast.


I opted for vanilla bean  meringues and crunched them up to stir into my Greek yogurt.

Yogurt with Vanilla Meringues

I also enjoyed a clementine that I swiped from my parents’ house. 😉

Monday's Breakfast


Foodie Gifts

I got several yummy food-related gifts for Christmas this year including:

  • Merinuges
  • Soup mix
  • Atkins chocolate caramel bars
  • Peanut butter M&Ms
  • Ferrero Rocher chocolates
  • Reese’s peanut butter cups
  • Grapefruit knife and spoons
  • Food processor (!!!)

Delicious Hazelnut Chocolates

Did you get any foodie gifts this year?

My Other Car is a Sleigh

New business idea!!!

Since my genius idea for the weenis was already taken, I’ve been on the hunt for a new business idea. One fell into my lap this morning in the form of a blue mini van.

I pulled up behind the run-down van and laughed when I read the bumper sticker displayed proudly on the back of the van. “My other car is a Ferrari,” it read.


Since the holiday spirit is constantly running through my veins, I instantly had an idea for a Christmasy bumper sticker:

“My other car is a sleigh.”

How awesome would that bumper sticker be? It would look especially fantastic on my Rudolph car.

My Sister’s iPod

Over the weekend my sister put her iPod in my gym bag when we went to workout together. We both forgot it was in there and when I left for Orlando on Sunday, her iPod came along for the journey.

Pink iPod

Since I am sure the iPod is missing my sister desperately, I decided to give it a listen during today’s workout. I literally laughed out loud a handful of times at the songs she had on the old ‘Pod. My favorite jam had to be “Barbie Girl” by Aqua.  I can’t laugh too much though because I owned the Aqua CD and still think it’s pretty darn fabulous. 😉

What embarrassing songs are on your iPod?

My iPod is full of embarrassing songs. I have songs ranging from Disney remixes (think Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast) , Ace of Base, Legally Blonde: The Musical and “Booty Bounce” to old school Alanis Morissette.

I’ve told some of my friends I wish I had the ability to see what songs people listen to while they workout at the gym. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could see the name of a song someone is listening to over their head as they were exercising? I think we’d learn a lot about people that way. Maybe that hardcore bodybuilder is a closet Enya or Michael Buble fan… (Who isn’t a Michael Buble fan? The man has the voice of an angel!)


Today’s breakfast included two fruits I stole from my parents’ house this past weekend.

Tuesday's Breakfast

I enjoyed a creamy cup of Fage Greek yogurt with a sliced Honeycrisp apple and a cold clementine.

Even though it’s flippin’ freezing outside today, this chilly breakfast was still nice and tasty. (I immediately poured myself a hot cup of tea afterward though!)

Just Because

And just because I love her and think she’s the cutest thing in the whole-wide-world, here’s a picture of my Sadie girl:

"I love you, blog readers!"

Sadie was very chilly on our morning walk. I kept thinking she had to pee because she was all hunched over trying to stay warm. I even had her in her argyle sweater, but with her teeny little body, she needs a full-blown parka to keep warm.

"Do you like my sweater?"

Apparently us Florida folks can’t hang in the cold.

How cold is it where you are today?

Protein-Packed Breakfast Cake

My friend Merri may be my blog’s number one fan and I just love it! She’s always sending me awesome recipe ideas and pictures of her meals.

Merri (top left), Me and My Girlfriends

Last night at girl’s holiday movie night Merri brought me two protein breakfast cakes she made this week.

Like me, Merri works out in the morning. After eating a small bowl of oatmeal before her workouts, she’d still feel lightheaded in the gym. Her trainer told her to incorporate more protein into her morning meal. Since she is at the gym early, she wanted to eat something she could grab quickly and found a recipe for a protein-packed breakfast cake.

Protein-Packed Breakfast Cake

She made the cake into muffins to create a grab-and-g0 breakfast. I loved this lil’ cake! I gobbled one up last night and ate the other one she gave me after my morning run. This recipe is great pre- or post-run fuel.

Merri’s Protein-Packed Breakfast Cake


  • 2 packets of oatmeal (banana bread flavor or Kashi Golden Brown maple oatmeal work really well)
  • 6 egg whites
  • 1/2 cup skim milk
  • 6 tbsp Splenda or sweetener of choice
  • 1 tbsp vanilla
  • 2 tsp cinnamon (sprinkle on top before baking as well)


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Mix all ingredients and bake in oven in a 9×9 pan or make individual servings in a muffin pan for approximately 20 minutes.

(You may also find this recipe here.)


This morning I went for a run with my favorite running buddy, little Miss Sadie. She’s the best running partner because she always goes my pace and is ridiculously excited to be running. Plus I like to say things like “only one more mile, Sadie” to make me feel better offer her encouragement. It’s nice to have her cute little face look up at me when I’m plugging away.

Today we ran for an hour. Once again it was very foggy. My hair and eyelashes were wet from all the moisture.

Orlando Fog


Breakfast today was easy and yummy and very similar to Monday’s morning meal.

  • Chobani Greek yogurt
  • Clementine
  • Kay’s Naturals honey almond cereal
  • Yogi Tahitian vanilla hazelnut tea

Tuesday's Breakfast

Festive Clementine

Kay's Naturals Honey Almond Cereal

Easy and tasty – that’s all I ask!

Engagement Gift

Ryan and I have been fortunate to receive some really thoughtful and wonderful engagement gifts. Last night we received one of our very favorites from my Aunt Barbara and Uncle Randall.

Engagement Gift

How wonderful is that picture? It already found a home on our wall. 😀

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

The Smell of Citrus

Is there a smell more refreshing than the smell of fresh citrus?

I don’t think so! All weekend, I was enjoying clementines at my parents’ house and I snagged a few to bring back to Orlando to enjoy throughout the week.


Living in Florida has its perks! Fresh and deliciously juicy fruit is definitely one of ’em.

The clementine was a tasty addition to my breakfast of Greek yogurt topped with Kay’s Naturals golden butter pretzels and a big mug of hot Yogi goji berry green tea.

All Peeled Up

Yogurt Topped with Pretzels

I ate most of the bag of pretzels before shaking the remains on top of my yogurt. These pretzels are very tasty! At first bite they are kind of strange, but by the third bite I was loving them!

Kay's Naturals Pretzels

The nutrition facts on the pretzels are awesome, especially since normal pretzels pretty much have nothing to offer from a nutritional standpoint. These pretzels had 10 grams of protein and two grams of fiber in a serving. Niiice.

Monday's Breakfast

That big mug of tea made my belly hot and full. That’s a lot of liquid!


Today’s workout was a good one. Since my weekends are often pretty relaxed from an exercise standpoint, I enjoy a good sweat session on Monday mornings. Today I went to BodyPump and did 25 minutes of cardio afterward (10 minute run, 5 minutes incline walking, 10 minutes elliptical).

Santa in a Speedo

I took Sadie on her morning walk after my workout. It is so foggy in Orlando today! I think the visibility on our walk was less than a quarter of a mile. Apparently the whole “It’s hot! It’s cold! It’s hot! It”s cold! ” thing has the weather freaking out. It’s supposed to reach 84 degrees in Orlando today. Santa nay have to deliver presents in a Speedo.

After I wrote that comment about the Speedo, I did a search for Santa in a Speedo and apparently there are tons of Santa  Speedo-themed runnning races all over the nation!

Check out these photos:

Santa Speedo Run

Keepin' Warm

They totally need to do one of these in Orlando. It’s actually warm here! 😀

Have you ever dressed up to run a race? What’s the funniest race costume you’ve ever seen?

When I ran in a Turkey Trot over Thanksgiving last year, I ran by a woman in a full turkey headdress. She had a horn she would honk that made the turkey gobbler sound. It was awesome!