Thanksgiving in June

Turkey + Mashed Potatoes + Green Bean Casserole + Caramelized Sweet Potatoes + Hot Weather = Thanksgiving in June

With the World Cup game on in the background, we bustled around the house to make a yummy Thankgiving dinner in the middle of June.


When Ryan’ grandma and her boyfriend arrived at Ryan’s mom’s house, we shared Brie and crackers, served with an adorable mouse-adorned knife.

Cheese & Crackers


After munching on cheese ‘n’ crackers and hanging out for a while, we were ready to dig into the big meal.

Everyone piled their plates with Thanksgiving staples.

My Plate

I gotta say, Ryan’s mom and grandma sure can cook! I loaded up my plate and went back for seconds of almost everything.

Ryan’s mom followed Emeril’s recipe for caramelized sweet potatoes and they tasted like dessert.


Though the sweet potaotes tasted like dessert, we still had to enjoy an actual dessert: lemon cake with vanilla ice cream.

Lemon Cake + Vanilla Ice Cream

Oh so sweet and oh so good.

I think Thanksgiving in June should be a tradition!