Running with a Friend

I’m really funny about working out with other people.

I prefer solo workouts, mainly because I like to go at my own pace. When I work out with someone else, I find myself getting to caught up in whether I’m holding the other person back or pushing them too much to really enjoy the experience.

My Ugly Running Kicks

Then there’s the rare friend who I feel 100 percent comfortable around and can relax and completely enjoy their company while still enjoying the workout. My friend  Merri is one of those people.

Me & Merri

(Side note: Doesn’t she have super-model hair?)

By total coincidence, Merri and I are both in Sarasota this weekend (she’s visiting her family for her mom’s 60th birthday!), so I picked her up at 6:45 a.m. so we could conquer the seven-mile long run of our half marathon training plan together.

I’m always more tempted to skip a workout when I’m out of town and away from my normal routine, so it was such a blessing to have a run on the books with Merri to keep me accountable.

Merri mapped us a route all over Sarasota and even had her stepmom meet us around 4.5 miles with some Gatorade to refuel.

I was actually a little nervous to down the Gatorade because I cramp up so easily, but I drank about 4 ounces or so and felt rejuvenated. It was great!

Merri and I were able to keep our miles under 10 minutes and enjoyed chatting throughout the run. She really helped make the seven miles fly by!

7 Mile Stats


I arrived back at Ryan’s mom’s house looking like a sweaty beast.

After about 20 minutes, my hunger set in and I downed a random hodgepodge of breakfast foods.

I started with two handfuls of candied pecans.

Candied Pecans

Wanna know a secret? Pecans are actually my favorite nut, not peanuts. Shhh. 😉

I also enjoyed a hot cup of coffee with an almond-pistachio biscotti, a cup of Chobani peach Greek yogurt and 3/4 of a pint of blueberries.

Coffee + Biscotti

Almond Pistachio Biscotti

Peach Greek Yog


For dessert (Dessert after breakast? Why not!), I had a big hunk of Harry & David peppermint bark.

Peppermint Bark

I love how Ryan’s mom keeps this stuff on hand year-round. It’s so tasty!

Today’s Plans

I’m super excited for today!

We’re hanging around the house this morning before heading out for lunch and then to an art festival this afternoon.

This evening Ryan’s grandma and her boyfriend are coming over for “Thanksgiving dinner!” Turkey, mashed potatoes… the works! Ryan’s grandma used to own a restaurant and she and his mother are amazing cooks. I love good home cookin’. It beats gourmet restaurant fare any day!

Do you prefer a big home-cooked meal or a gourmet meal at a restaurtant?