Why Not to Go Shopping Hungry

Why you should not go shopping when you’re hungry… Exhibit A:


Ryan and I stopped by Walgreens before dinner yesterday with the healthiest of intentions. I needed to buy a battery for my heart rate monitor and ended up with that plus some tasty extras… like Oreos… and Boston Baked Beans… and M&Ms. Hey, I just had to try the new coconut M&Ms! (They’re fantastic, by the way.) This is why I cannot go shopping when I’m hungry. My sweet tooth controls all!

What foods can’t you resist at the grocery store when you’re hungry?

I seem to gravitate toward the bakery section or cake mixes and ice cream when I’m shopping on an empty stomach.


Some of the candy from our Walgreens run ended up in my breakfast this morning.

Candy Yogurt

Into my Oikos Greek yogurt cup went coconut M&Ms, Boston Baked Beans and honey roasted pecans.

There’s nothin’ like candy in the morning! 😀

Wednesday Breakfast

I enjoyed my candy yogurt with a hot cup of Yogi triple echinacea green tea. I’m on my second cup already, but not because I’m thirsty. I’m downing hot tea because I’m freezing.

Hope you’re all stayin’ warm today.