Like most blondes, I have my fair share of blonde moments. Though I’d like to think I’m a pretty smart gal, I can be an egghead on occasion.

A Blonde Through and Through

Case in point: One time I went on and on telling Ryan a story about a scary dream I had involving bamboos. You know… the monkeys with the pink butts? Riiight… I meant baboons. Eh.

Nothing will top my mom’s blondest moment though.

A couple of  summers ago, my family was hanging out by my parents’ pool. My mom was swimming and my dad made a comment about how the chlorine smell emanating from our pool was quite strong. Sooo, my mom went underwater and sniffed. Seriously. She came back up snorting, choking and laughing hysterically at her blondest moment ever. We will never let her live that one down. 😀


Today I’ve felt like quite the egghead, but not because of stupid things I’ve said. I’ve simply had eggs on my brain!

Sizzlin' Egg

Such a strong craving for eggs made my dinner decision an easy one.

Dippy eggs!

Dippy Egg with Salt and Peppa

I had dippy eggs with a toasted sweet wheat Alternative Bagel, a slice of Canadian bacon and a side of roasted zucchini.

Roasted Zucchini

My Dinner

When Ryan was playing soccer in a men’s league and had games on Thursday nights a couple of months ago, I always made breakfast for dinner. With him out of the house  tonight at his motorcycle class, I took full advantage of flyin’ solo and once again followed my breakfast-for-dinner cravings.

I enjoyed every last yolk-soaked bite!


Craving successfully satisfied.

Do you have blonde moments? Feel free to share your more memorable egghead comments.