Sooo Last Season

I know pumpkin is sooo last season, but, as Cher from Clueless would say… “Whatever!”

Pumpkin was the star of the morning in my big bowl of pumpkin oats.

Pumpkin Oats

Are you still enjoying pumpkin, or did you retire it after Thanksgiving?

Along with the pumpkin, I added 3/4 scoop of All the Whey cinnamon protein powder to my oats for added sweetness and protein.

I also sipped on a hot mug of sugar cookie tea. This breakfast warmed me right up after a chilly morning walk with Sadie.

Tuesday's Breakfast


I didn’t feel like putting myself through a decent workout today so I figured I’d let someone else do it for me! After a 10 minute warm up on the elliptical, I took the 6 a.m. spinning class at my gym.

The music was jammin’ today! The Blinded by the Light techno remix always gets me pumped up so I was thrilled when that song came blarin’ through the speakers. Music does so much for me in terms of motivating me to step it up a notch.

Free Einstein Bros. Bagel + Schmear

Because I don’t believe in low carb living, here’s a coupon for a free Einstein Bros. bagel with schmear (aka cream cheese), valid through Sunday. YUM.

Yummy Bagel