Hot Run, Cold Smoothie


This morning’s five mile run with Sadie was a toasty one!

5 Mile Stats

I’m not going to complain about the heat because I am too happy for negative thoughts, as today’s second attempt at running following my bruised heel also proved pain free! Woop woop! ūüėÄ

Since Florida heat doesn’t believe in dissipating throughout the night or in the early morning, I returned from my run looking awfully sweaty.

A cold breakfast was the only way to go.


This morning I busted out the blender to make myself a strawberry banana protein smoothie.

Strawberry Banana Protein Smoothie

Into the blender went:

  • 1 frozen banana
  • 3/4 c. frozen strawberries
  • 3 ice cubes
  • 1 tsp. xanthan gum
  • 1 scoop All the Whey strawberry protein powder
  • Enough milk to get everything movin’

Spoonful of Yummy

J is for Julie!

Quite a few of you have asked about this fancy-schmancy “J” cup. It is made by Tervis Tumbler and you may find them at Bed Bath and Beyond. The cup is virtually indestructible and the double-insulated walls greatly reduce condensation which is perfect for when you make cold drinks on a hot day.

Topped with a Straw

I love drinking a ginormous smoothie after a sweaty run.

It’s just so darn refreshing!

Happy Birthday to My Mama!!!

Today is a big day in the world of PBF!

Today is my mom’s birthday!

Mother-Daughter Love

Happy birthday to the most amazing mother in the whole wide world.

So Much Love

She Makes Me Happy

Happy Girls

Smilin' Over a Homecooked Meal

My mother is truly a remarkable woman.

Happy birthday, Mama. I love so many things about you:

  • I love your unwavering optimism
  • I love how I can always go to you for love and support
  • I love how a bowl of your chicken noodle soup makes any sickness go away and any sad feelings subside
  • I love that you shoot a basketball “granny style”
  • I love how you always have a “Welcome Home Julie” sign on the door every time I come to visit
  • I love that you now include Ryan and Sadie on that sign
  • I love how you’re always up for anything
  • I love that you said that you were thinking of your granddog when your doctor told you to think of something that made you happy
  • I love how Aunt Laurie said she knew I was your daughter when she caught me eating cake for breakfast
  • I love how unbelievably loving, giving and caring you are
  • I love how strong you are and how you faced breast cancer with courage and a sense of hope and faith unmatched by anyone
  • I love you for being the woman I strive to be every day

I can’t wait to celebrate your special day with you soon!

In honor of my mom’s birthday, feel free to share something you love about your mother below!

Barley Love & a Birthday

Since barley basically blew my socks off in my breakfast bowl yesterday, I cooked up another batch of the healthy grain to include in my lunch today.

Healthy Grain

I added cauliflower and broccoli (roasted with olive oil and garlic salt), fresh spinach and a wedge of Laughing Cow light original Swiss cheese to round out my meal.

Barley Veggie Bowl

Thursday Lunch

The nutty taste of barley really appeals to me, though I think my favorite thing about the grain is its texture. It’s chewy, with an al dente pasta-like consistency that makes my tongue do a little happy dance.

All-in-all a filling, nutritious and delicious lunch.

Happy Birthday To…

My dad!

Me & My Dad, 1987

Happy birthday to my wonderful father.

My dad is such a fun, loving, hard-working, family-oriented, slightly intense ūüėČ and passionate man and I feel so blessed to be his daughter.

Getting a Lesson in Sea Creatures from My Dad

Daddy, I wish I could be with you on your special day to eat a piece of marble cake and sing you happy birthday! I love you so much.

Oh, and I called today to schedule an appointment to get my car detailed over Father’s Day weekend when I’ll be home with you in St. Pete, which I thought would make you happy. ūüôā

Father/Daughter Hug On the Night Ryan Proposed

Happy birthday!!!

Of Possible Interest


Exactly 25 years ago today, I was born!

My mom gave birth to a little red-headed baby and I actually had a natural mohawk for my first year on this planet!

Eventually my red hair turned blonde, but I still think it’s crazy that I was a little red-headed baby. ūüėÄ


My birthday started out on the perfect note.

How is a Peanut Butter Finger lover supposed to kick off her birthday?

With a peanut butter finger (or two), naturally!

Birthday Peanut Butter Finger

Nom, nom, nom.

Peanut butter was the star of my breakfast!

Peanut Butter Bagel

I topped a toasted sweet wheat Alternative Bagel with creamy peanut butter and a freshly sliced juicy pear.

On the side I munched on a small serving of roasted peanuts.

Birthday Breakfast

PB & P Bagelwich

It was a great birthday breakfast!


Today’s workout was all over the place!

I wanted to take Sadie for a run to test out my new Garmin now that I think I figured out how to get it to report my statistics in miles vs. kilometers, but I forgot to charge it!


Instead of a run, I hit the gym for quite the random cardio hodgepodge:

Jessica’s At Home Cardio Blast workout is so entertaining! It’s perfect for those days where a typical cardio workout on the treadmill or a machine simply won’t do.

Age Old Question

In honor of my birthday, I figured I would turn the tables on you and ask you the age old question:

How old are YOU?

Mexican Birthday Dinner

Last night Ryan and I headed out to meet up with our friends at Mucho Tequila and Tacos, a new restaurant in downtown Orlando to celebrate our friend Merri’s birthday.

Celebrating a Birthday

The Boys

We were one of the first ones there and ordered a bucket of Presidente Light beer to share. I typically stick to my favorite (Miller Lite) when I drink beer, but this was pretty good! It was a great compliment to the copius amounts of chips and salsa we ate before and during dinner.  

All Smiles

Enjoying Some Drinks

Me, Laurel and Kaitlyn

I was pretty full on beer and chips and salsa by the time our dinner was served.

Ryan and I shared a Mucho Mexi Burger with sweet potato fries.

Mexi Burger with Sweet Potato Fries

The burger was only okay but the sweet potato fries were fantastic! We gobbled them up in no time!

Overall the experience at Mucho was great! I would definitely go back to enjoy some more chips and salsa, but I think I would order the fajitas or tacos as my entree next time.

Today will be a relaxing day. We’re going to run some¬†errands,¬†clean the apartment, do laundry and¬†may take Sadie hiking on some trails.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Key Lime Birthday

Today is my fiance‘s birthday! I can’t believe the man I’ve called my boyfriend for more than five years is now officially my fiance. ūüôā



After my morning workout I got down to birthday business, decorating the apartment with birthday cheer while the birthday boy was already at work. (He only checks the blog once I’m done with my evening post, so this is our lil’ secret. ūüėČ )

Ryan's Birthday Spread

Ryan's Birthday Spread

Birthday Signs

Birthday Signs

I love celebrating birthdays and can’t wait to spend a special night celebrating Ryan’s 26th!

I was pretty darn hungry by the time I finally sat down to my breakfast. Yesterday I bought white chocolate key lime meringues and was anxious to incorporate them into my first meal of the day.

Key Lime Meringues

Key Lime Meringues

After eating a few straight from the box (yum!), I crumbled several of the fluffy cookies on top of my Greek yogurt and sprinkled the mixture with walnuts.

Key Lime Yogurt

Key Lime Yogurt



What a great way to start the day!